The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

I’m totally stealing this blog post idea from Jeff over at Notes From the Trail. He posted his own top 10 blog posts of the year recently. I meant to talk to him about it before I posted my own. I wasn’t sure if he just looked at stats to see how many visitors each post received or if he took into account how many people clicked that they liked the posts or if they were just his personal favorites.

I couldn’t figure out which of my posts got the most likes without spending more time than I care to going through each post. And I can’t choose which ones are my personal favorites. My blog posts are like my children. It would be wrong to play favorites. So I’ve gone with the ones that got the most visitors in 2015. So, without further ado…

NC Revisited - Welcome Sign10. NC Revisited  – A reflection on the time I lived in North Carolina and the life lessons I’ve learned since returning to Virginia.

Day Three - Buffy9. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Top Ten List – A simple list of my 10 favorite episodes of my favorite TV show. Proof that you can get a lot of views if you use a tag closely related to pop culture.

8. Messing with D – That time I got into a text conversation with a wrong number. I almost got a pair of shoes out of it.

7. Figuring It All Out – This was the blog post that started it all here at The Confusing Middle. Hard to believe that was a year ago.

6. An Open Letter to Far Away Friends – The title of this post pretty much says it all. At the time, I was desperately missing some of the people in my life that had come and gone.

Embarrassing or Entertaining - Embarrassed5. Embarrassing or Entertaining? – The post wherein I determine that some of my friends find me to be an embarrassment while others consider me an entertainment.

4. Grounded – That time I spent a weekend at the lake with a group of Bluefield survivors and some of the best friends I’ve ever known.

Can We Talk About Kylo Ren - Kylo Ren3. Can We Talk About Kylo Ren? – A recent post where I share some of my thoughts regarding the newest Star Wars villain. If you go there, prepare for spoilers. Another example of how a post can be popular if you use the right pop culture references in your hashtags.

SuperWeek - Dad2. Nine Years Later – A look back at the night my father passed away, nine years after the fact.

1. Life Story: Chapter Forty Eight – My attempt to pay tribute to a few high school students who treated me like a friend during a very difficult time in my life.

It’s a new year now. The second year of The Confusing Middle begins. I kind of love writing on this blog and the connections I’ve made with people through it. I’m really looking forward to what 2016 will bring.


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