If You’re Able…

I spent a lot of years donating blood on a regular basis. It started when I was in college. The Red Cross would set up a bloodmobile on campus once each semester and I would sign up to give. That's how I found out I'm A negative. Anyway, I even continued trying to give whole … Continue reading If You’re Able…


We moved a lot when I was a kid. No, I wasn't an army brat. Dad just had this nomadic streak about him. The longest amount of time we ever spent in one place was 18 months. That was because of a recession and we couldn't afford to move. Or so I was told. I … Continue reading Moves

The Good Old Days

Is there anyone out there like me? I'm sure there's not. I'm kind of unique. I mean, I know I have a doppelganger out there. I've met him. Looks just like me. It's off-putting. But our personalities are extremely different. In this instance, I'm wondering if anyone is like me in the sense that we … Continue reading The Good Old Days

True Believer

Title: True Believer Author: Nicholas Sparks Published: 2005 I know what I said after I read At First Sight. I said I was done with Nicholas Sparks. I said that I hated the man and that I was stupid for continually picking up his novels and subjecting myself to the torture of reading them. But … Continue reading True Believer

The Single Guy Bites a Bullet

The following tale is based on actual events which occurred several years ago... I've read a lot of things written by women in which they complain about how confusing men can be. To be fair, women can be equally confusing. Case in point... I was having a pretty good weekend. I had a lot of … Continue reading The Single Guy Bites a Bullet

The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

I'm totally stealing this blog post idea from Jeff over at Notes From the Trail. He posted his own top 10 blog posts of the year recently. I meant to talk to him about it before I posted my own. I wasn't sure if he just looked at stats to see how many visitors each … Continue reading The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

NC Revisited

Eight years ago, I moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina. At the time, I truly believed this represented a permanent change in my life. I thought that I had said good bye to the Commonwealth of Virginia for good, except for holidays and family events. Turns out I was wrong. Eight years ago, I moved … Continue reading NC Revisited

The Empty Apartment

Kids... When I lived in North Carolina, I had the most incredible apartment. Sometimes I like to sit back and think about how great I had it once. I'll reminisce about the crazy amount of space I had and how little I had to pay and how glorious it was to have my own place. … Continue reading The Empty Apartment