No Shave November

I realize that title will be a little misleading. I did not participate in any sort of “No Shave November” event. I also did not participate in “Movember” to raise awareness for anything. So I apologize who just clicked on my blog thinking you were getting a riveting tale of raising money and/or awareness for testicular cancer. Or is it prostate cancer? I don’t know. I’m not good at keeping up with causes. After having ice water dumped on me last year, I kind of quit all that.*

Anyway, I recently enjoyed five days off work thanks to the glorious break known as Thanksgiving. Working in a school system, I was able to have the Wednesday before and the Friday after Thanksgiving as part of an amazing, extremely long weekend. And, since I didn’t have to go to work and knew I wouldn’t be seeing anyone that I would want to impress, I decided not to shave in all that time.

Maybe it’s a personal rule I have for myself, but when I’m on a school break, I don’t want to shave. Actually, I don’t want to shave ever. It’s irritating and, at times, painful. But I don’t necessarily like having a face full of hair all of the time. So I shave. And society doesn’t like people to be in those in between stages. You either have a beard or you don’t. You can’t just show up to work with stubble on your face. That’s unclean. Or unprofessional. At least, that’s what the man would have us believe. Personally, I like the stubble. Because it means that I woke up this morning and I just didn’t give a crap.

School started back today. I still haven’t shaved. And whenever anyone asks me why I haven’t shaved, this will be my response…We Were On a Break

*I am not as heartless as I make myself out to be. I’m sure that there are causes I believe in, but they’re the kind that don’t require me to press like on Facebook or to forward someone’s email because those causes are hollow.


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