What’s the Coyote Thinking?

Road RunnerConsider the Road Runner.

Seriously. Consider this guy. Just look at the picture. I can’t help but ask, what the heck is Wile E. Coyote thinking? I mean, take a good, long look at that bird. He is all feet, neck, and tail. What kind of meal is that gonna be? Was he just gonna drop an anvil and then gnaw on the broken bones?

I’m thinking that, at first, it was about getting a quick meal (yes, pun intended). But then when he couldn’t succeed, maybe it was about the challenge of catching the Road Runner.

And what’s up with the Coyote anyway? Aren’t coyotes pack hunters? Where’s the Wile E. pack?

Wow… that got really random…


2 thoughts on “What’s the Coyote Thinking?

  1. Wile E. obviously wanted to use Roadrunner to make a nice pot of stew, sell the feathers and plummage so he could save up a bit for a rainy day (and purchase anvils and TNT), and also try out a new project on Pinterest he found where he repurposes a wood pallet and adheres Roadrunner’s talons to the boards as coat hooks. That beak would make a fantastic hat hook, too, all covered in glitter. I’m sure he could use some mica or other shiny rocks he finds in the desert and, using the ACME TNT, make his glitter from scratch.

    To address the pack hunting: there was a severe, freakish snowstorm before the desert returned to normal. During this time, Wile E., being the wiliest coyote of the pack, found himself with a dilemma not unsimilar to “Alive.” He made a difficult choice, but came out alive because of it.

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