The 3 Rules of the Drive Through Teller

In the world of banking, the people on the front lines of the industry are known as tellers. These are the people who are expected to help customers with all of their day to day banking needs. It is often a thankless and miserable position to hold. These are their stories. These are their legends…

Bank Teller 5As the drive through bank teller, I dealt with a lot of stupidity. No offense, general public, but it’s true. But it was my job to deal with it quickly. In my experience, the people who were competent enough to get it right the first time that came to my window were the same people who were in a hurry. So, no matter what, I had to pour on some speed when I ran the transactions that I ran.

In the lobby, there were several time consuming transactions that I was just not allowed to do at the drive through. I would do those transactions for someone if they came into the branch and I happened to be free and clear and the next available teller. But right now, I’m presenting you with a list of things that your above average drive through bank teller should not do.

  1. The drive through teller should not accept any transaction that involves more than $1,000 in cash. This is for security purposes. Large cash deposits, withdrawals, or payments really should be done inside the building. Would you really feel comfortable hanging your arm out of your car window with $2,500 in your hand? Neither would I.
  2. The drive through teller should not do a cash advance on your credit card. This is a time consuming activity. Whenever I did these, I had to walk away from my station and go to the machine that read the credit card. I had to input the customer’s information. Then I had to wait for the slow dial-up modem to send and retrieve the signal that told me it was okay to give them the money. There was no way that action took any less than ten minutes.
  3. The drive through teller should not make out a cashier’s check or money order for you. Again, these are time consuming transactions. For the money order, I had to go over to the machine, set the type, and then print the money order. The cashier’s check is much more complicated. I had to input all the information for the check into the computer. Then I had to walk over to the check printer. I had to load the printer with a check. I had to walk back to my computer to press enter. I had to walk back to the printer to get the check. I had to sign the check. I had to tear the check apart, making sure I had given you the original and the copy for your records. Above all other transactions that I was trained to do, I hated cashier’s checks the most.

Look, I realize that you don’t want to get out of your car because it’s cold or because it’s hot or because it’s raining or because you’re lazy. Maybe it’s simply because you’re in a hurry. But you know what? So is the person sitting in the car behind you and, chances are, all they have to do is deposit a check. Okay, odds are that person is an idiot, too, and has nothing ready for the drive through teller when he or she gets to the window, but you get the point. If you have one of those listed items to do, just do everyone a favor and go inside. It’s not going to go any faster with you in your car than it would if you went inside and stood in the lobby. Plus, you get to see the tellers’ smiling faces without the obstruction of two inches of bullet resistant glass.


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