Another Haircut

Haircut - Dumb and DumberI’ve needed one for so very long. I put it off much longer than I normally would. I’ve been dealing with shaggy hair growing over my ears and covering the back of my neck. It was very uncomfortable. So I finally went to get it cut yesterday.

I went to Sport Clips, as I usually do. This place is great. Not only do they cut your hair, but they shampoo it. I know they do that anywhere. But this isn’t just a shampoo. They massage your scalp. I’m really hoping that having your scalp massaged is an option in Heaven. They also wrap a hot towel around your face.

Hot TowelNo one has ever explained the purpose of the hot towel on the face to me. If you know, feel free to comment. So I don’t know the reason, but I like it. Maybe that’s the only explanation I need. It feels awesome.

It’s a little shorter on top than I would have liked. The swoopty* in the front is almost gone. The scalp massage more than made up for that though.

Plus, the girl running the cash register… wicked hot. She’s what you’d call statuesque. And then there’s the possibility that she was flirting with me. See, with the scalp massage/face towel package, it costs $21. She only charged me $17. Of course, it’s also a possibility that she just hit the wrong button.

There would be no future there anyway. She’s probably too young for me. Plus, it looked like she was wearing a promise ring, or something equally lame. Promise rings are stupid. They’re given to naive young ladies as their boyfriends go off to college in another town. The girls get them and get all giddy, ’cause they think it’s the next step toward marriage. She stays at home and lives her faithful life. Meanwhile, the boyfriend is off at Appalachian State doing whatever with whomever he wants. Promise rings are a joke. Guys (and by guys, I mean lame pseudo-romantic high school guys), don’t give these things out before you go to college. Just break up with her and let her live her life. You know it’s never gonna work out anyway. Those long-distance things never work. If you don’t break up before the semester starts, I can almost guarantee it’ll be over by Thanksgiving. Seen it a hundred times.

*BTW - The swoopty is what I call the thing my hair does at the front where it kind of looks like the curl that Superman has.

*BTW – The swoopty is what I call the thing my hair does at the front where it kind of looks like the curl that Superman has.


7 thoughts on “Another Haircut

  1. I was just talking to my son and daughter about hair cuts this weekend! My son has always loved getting his hair washed, and scalp rubbed… even when he was like 1. The ladies loved him as a baby- never cried.

    That hot towel thing sounds kinda cool. and that Girl was TOTALLY in to you! šŸ™‚

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  2. If only the salons would stop murdering my hair every time I try to get it done professionally, I could stop doing it myself as I have been for the last 5 years and go and get pampered. *sigh*

    I agree with you about those promise rings tho! Sheesh what a joke!

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  3. The reason for a guy to go into sports clips is not only for the cut, shampoo, and pore opening hot towel but it is also for the ladies that work their (unless your married) for the most part women that work their are pretty decently attractive and for single guys it feels nice to us socially awkward guys who can not seem to ever find a date it is Nice to have that type of attention. Oh also they are the ones who got me off grocery store shampoo and onto Paul Mitchell double hitter. My hair almost never dries out or gets really itchy anymore. I have since stopped going their as I found my hair just looks better if I take a razor to myself and basically shave it all off leaving just a small amount with the 1″ razor blade. But I still use the shampoo


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