The Single Guy and the Conditioner

I have a soft spot for hairdressers. I kind of always have. There was the girl that cut my hair in college. This is the one that I insisted looked exactly like Sarah Michelle Gellar, so I would visit her at the mall and pay nearly twice as much as I could have paid the … Continue reading The Single Guy and the Conditioner


Hair Products

I'd been putting off getting a haircut for a while. Mostly because getting a haircut requires money, which is something of short supply most days. Anyway, the haircut was long overdue. So I got to the place and was introduced to Kim, the woman who would be cutting my hair that day. And Kim got … Continue reading Hair Products

The Single Guy vs. the Haircut

The following account is based on actual events which occurred a number of years ago… The Girl in the White SUV was a stylist at a salon down the road from the bank. This was information that the Single Guy had learned early on in his interactions with her. But it was information that he … Continue reading The Single Guy vs. the Haircut

Another Haircut

I've needed one for so very long. I put it off much longer than I normally would. I've been dealing with shaggy hair growing over my ears and covering the back of my neck. It was very uncomfortable. So I finally went to get it cut yesterday. I went to Sport Clips, as I usually … Continue reading Another Haircut