Loss of Appetite

Taco Bell Drive ThroughOne day, as I was leaving work, I decided I was hungry. But I didn’t want to get home to fix something. No, I wanted something fast and cheap and ready right away. So I pulled into the local Taco Bell to enjoy a tasty chicken quesadilla.

I placed my order, like one normally would, then I waited behind the line of cars. Like I said, I was hungry, so I waited in eager anticipation of paying for my food and driving home so I could enjoy that food.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I caught something disturbing. I looked over to my right and witnessed a kid throwing up in the parking lot. And he wasn’t just a little sick. He was a lot sick. This guy must have lost everything he’d eaten for the last couple days.

I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who noticed. It was highly visible (he chose to do this in front of the bushes rather than behind them) and pretty audible, too (hard to ignore since we had windows rolled down in preparation for the drive-thru window). Needless to say, I was somewhat less motivated to enjoy my Mexican treats.

But what was I to do? Get to the window and say, “Sorry, I just watched that kid vomit. I don’t feel like paying for or eating this food anymore. See ya!” No… that’s probably unacceptable in polite society. You know what else is probably unacceptable in polite society? Vomiting in public.


2 thoughts on “Loss of Appetite

  1. Hahaha! Ok so he had the Taco Bell squirts, but out the front door (mouth) instead of the back door… sorry I know it is gross, but it is probably true!

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  2. Ok, so you bought the food, but I want to know- did you eat it that night? And boy, am I glad you didn’t go to our church the day our son got sick on the front row. By the reaction of those around us, we definitely didn’t make it onto the “polite society” list.

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