Do They Really Eat That?

Every day, children at my school are given several options to choose from for their lunch. Usually, these options consist of a different daily entree or the old standbys, PB&J or a chef salad. The entree changes every day. This is where you find your pizza, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, MAXX cheese sticks (whatever the heck those are). But there’s always the option of a PB&J or chef salad, just in case someone doesn’t want the rotating options.

Each morning, the kids make their choices by putting their name under their lunch choice. At that point, the teacher counts how many kids want which lunch items, then emails the cafeteria workers to let them know. This way they have a decent idea of how much of each thing to fix. Makes sense, right? You don’t want to make 50 PB&J’s just in case and then get disappointed when only 20 kids ask for that when they come through the line. That’s a lot of wasted food.

Today, four kindergarteners chose chef salad for their lunch. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know too many 6-year-olds who would pick salad to eat over just about any other given option. And the teacher questioned that this morning, too. As she filled in the numbers on her email to the cafeteria, she asked one of the other teachers if the kids ever really eat the chef salads when they order them.

An eavesdropping little girl, not missing a beat, flat out told the teacher no.No - Stephen ColbertShe went on to explain that when her classmates order the salad, they eat the cheese and crackers that come with it. The lettuce, carrots, and other assorted veggies get tossed out. That’s a lot of wasted food.


5 thoughts on “Do They Really Eat That?

    • The food waste thing… Ugh… It’s hard to fault the kids for it. The way school meals work these days is that kids who go through the line are required to get certain things (I’m pretty sure they have to get an entree, a milk, a bread and 2 fruits or vegetables) whether they want them or not. Usually, it’s not. But they’re not allowed to get past the bouncer/cashier without all of those required things. Ergo, so very much food gets thrown away just because these kids don’t want to eat what they’re forced to grab. I get that the powers that be want kids to have a balanced food pyramid or plate or whatever it is they’re using these days, but we could feed a small country with the amount of food these kids throw away in a week. Soap box over.

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