Work Ethic

What does it mean to have a good work ethic? Does it mean that, no matter the circumstances, come hell or high water, you are gung-ho about punching in and doing your job? Does it mean that you’ve set goals for yourself and your life and you’re willing to do what it takes to achieve … Continue reading Work Ethic

Really? Already?

Well... it happened. And we're not even a month into the new school year. I've got a cold. I mean, it's certainly not the end of the world. I've had worse. But to think we've gotten three full weeks of school under our belts. And even saying that is a stretch, because the first week … Continue reading Really? Already?

Nap Time

Welcome to In the Words of a Non-Parent! The part of the blog where I, a non-parent, give parenting advice to parents. Today we explore what happens when your kids just won't go to sleep. It's frustrating, right? So you've put your toddler down for his or her afternoon nap and the kid just won't … Continue reading Nap Time

How to Make Bronchitis Fun

So your general practitioner has diagnosed you with bronchitis. And now you're sitting at home thinking, "This is just no fun!" as you hack into your sleeve or a handkerchief. But why look at this temporary disease as no fun? Instead of engaging in a pessimistic attitude about your bronchitis, find ways of making it … Continue reading How to Make Bronchitis Fun

Oh, The Places I’ve Been, Part 4

This is it. My final post about my vacation. Hey! I know that sound! It's a collective sigh of relief. Now you'll be able to get back to reading my regularly scheduled dull blog posts that are more about nothing than your average episode of Seinfeld.This is the post about my day trip to Washington, … Continue reading Oh, The Places I’ve Been, Part 4

The Single Guy and the Drunk Dial

The following account is based on actual events which occurred a number of years ago... Okay, so I wasn't really drunk. I was just under the influence of cold medication. But I wasn't, technically, drunk. Somewhere over the course of my Christmas break that year, I picked up a head cold. It wasn't anything serious, … Continue reading The Single Guy and the Drunk Dial

Summer Vacation Is Not For Getting Sick

DISCLAIMER: This post has to do with personal illness. I'm going to try and spare you from the worst of the gory details, but sometimes when I start writing, words just come out. Like verbal vomit. But I'm going to be discussing actual vomit at times in this post. So unless you're a mother who … Continue reading Summer Vacation Is Not For Getting Sick

Loss of Appetite

One day, as I was leaving work, I decided I was hungry. But I didn't want to get home to fix something. No, I wanted something fast and cheap and ready right away. So I pulled into the local Taco Bell to enjoy a tasty chicken quesadilla. I placed my order, like one normally would, … Continue reading Loss of Appetite