Not Exactly Encouraging

Remember a couple weeks ago when I said my supervisor thinks I’m stressed out? Well, it’s still pretty much true.

TherapyShe referred me to a local office that has a number of therapists who may be able to help me out with the whole stress thing. I haven’t been to see a counselor since I was a teenager. So I’m not 100% sure how this whole thing is supposed to go. But I attempted to make contact with this group of therapists last week.

My first attempt was with a phone call. This was going out on a limb in itself because I hate talking on the phone. Anyway, I called and was greeted by a very polite automated answering system. I followed the automated instructions and dialed the extension given for new clients. Since I’ve never visited any of these counselors, I considered myself a new client. As luck would have it, the extension sent me to the phone of someone who was out of the office at the time. So I left a voice mail.

As much as I despise talking on the phone, I hate the voice mail even more. I’m sure I sounded spastic as I tried to find the right thing to say, explaining who I was and what I did for a living and how my supervisor thought I was stressed out by work and recommended that I get in touch with them. I asked for someone to return my call so I could make a proper appointment so that I could properly unload all my problems onto a stranger who could doodle on a legal pad and ask me interesting questions like, “How does that make you feel?” and “How long have you felt that way?”

I never got a call back.

So I visited that office’s website. I surfed around and made my way to the “Contact Us” page. I didn’t see the point in calling again since my first attempt was basically fruitless. So I found a way to submit an email. In the email I, once again, explained who I am and what I do for a living and how my supervisor thinks I’m stressed out by work and recommended that I get in touch with them. I asked that someone shoot me an email so I could make a proper appointment so that I could properly unload all my problems… you get the idea. It’s been several days.

I never got an email reply.

Therapy 2

Cartoon by Dave Whamond

Now, I work as a counselor. I’m not the perfect counselor by any stretch of the imagination. But I do know that if I had a client who was calling me and/or emailing me seeking advice or help on some level, I would make every effort to get back in touch with that person as soon as I was able. Don’t worry, this isn’t an emergency situation. If it were, I would do as the automated answering system instructed me and dial 911. I just want someone to return my phone call or send me an email saying that they would love for me to come to their office and give them money to tell them what’s bothering me. You’d think they’d jump at that kind of thing.


3 thoughts on “Not Exactly Encouraging

  1. Ugh. I would say that is a clear indication you don’t need to talk to anyone who works there! I would seek counseling in the form of a good long hike up a mountain, perhaps followed by an overnight underneath the stars, while contemplating the fact that none of it is worth being stressed over! Then have a good long belly laugh and get on with life! That is my unsolicited advice. As a nearly degreed psychologist (who had no desire in ever being one) I might understand a thing or two about “therapy” and I highly doubt you need any at all my friend. Unless you are suffering from a serious mental health disorder… and I don’t get that impression, you just need an outlet for your stress!


  2. I’m sorry this is turning out to be such an ordeal for you! Tell your supervisor that talking on the phone and leaving voicemails may only exacerbate your stress though, so you really should just quit while you’re ahead. 😉 But be wary of that ^ guy- he may try to force coffee into you.


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