And They Called It Puppy Love

I make a living by observing small children and seeing the way they interact every day. Sadly, most of the interactions I observe are of the negative variety. I deal with yelling, screaming, pinching, hitting, kicking, hair-pulling, and biting. That’s on a good day. So watching a couple of kids who are interacting positively is a rare breath of fresh air.

In the kindergarten that I spend a lot of my time with, there are two pretty adorable kids whose relationship status seems to be straying into “more than friends” territory. The boy is just about the most polite and well-behaved six-year-old I’ve ever met (and that includes me at age six). In spite of his great behavior, he’s usually fairly emotionless. The teacher is always trying out new ways to make this kid smile, but it’s an uphill battle. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a successful attempt on the teacher’s part.Puppy LoveEnter the little girl who sits across from our young, expressionless hero. She is loud and outgoing, never backing down from saying whatever is on her mind, even if it lands her name on the board. This little blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl has managed to capture her tablemate’s attention. The way she causes him to smile and laugh is nearly effortless.

Watching these two, it’s clear that he has developed something of a crush on her. It’s not so obvious if that feeling is mutual. But they’re six. It isn’t as if either of them is bound to make a declaration of love for the other. But it’s kind of cute seeing the effect this girl has on this boy.


One thought on “And They Called It Puppy Love

  1. I LOVE this! When my daughter was in kinder, they had two different sessions the Early Birds and the Later Gators. She was a later gator, and they come to school about two hours after the others, spend 1 hour together, and then the early birds leave. One day, it was pajama day as we were driving up and the early birds are playing in the yard and she says “mmm momma, Conner has puppies on his pajamas. Him is so handsome.” Those puppies turn into DOGS stay away from him!

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