Some Transparency…

I've mentioned in some previous posts that I've been struggling for some time. At least I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it previously... Those struggles have included really dealing with depression and anxiety in ways that I never have before. This has been going on for months... nearly a year, really. The anxiety I blame on … Continue reading Some Transparency…



I could air grievances based on the random absurdities I constantly find my life bombarded with. It would be cathartic. But I don’t know if that’s the right way to do things. So what if I just take a look at myself and examine my own expectations and actions. What is it that I bring … Continue reading Absurd

It’s Been a Year Already?

As of yesterday, I have officially been back in the world of Therapeutic Day Treatment Counseling for a year. I almost can't believe it's been a year. Then again, when you combine the past year with the experience I had on this career path previously, I almost can't believe it hasn't been a decade. I'll be … Continue reading It’s Been a Year Already?

Eating Disorder Awareness

This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Two years ago, I wrote this post as a part of this week when I was still working as a counselor in an elementary school. I hope that my experiences can help someone else. Working in the counseling profession, I get bombarded with emails from the corporate … Continue reading Eating Disorder Awareness

Kids Say the Darnedest Things

Throughout my work as a school counselor, I liked to post Facebook status updates which were not actually status updates at all. Instead, they were quotes from the kids I worked with at the elementary school on a daily basis. Some of them are a priceless kind of hilarious. Others are probably only funny to … Continue reading Kids Say the Darnedest Things

To the Future

When I was counseling at the school, I sometimes liked to participate in the therapeutic activities that I got my clients to do. This one time, a few years back, I had the kids write letters to themselves in five years. Looking back, I probably should have said 10 or 15 years. They didn't really … Continue reading To the Future

How I Quit My Job

Kids, I've made it no secret that I've been looking for a new job for several months. Almost a year, really. Well, I guess I've made it no secret on this blog and to my close friends and family. It's not as if I've going to my supervisor and shouting, "I need a new job!" … Continue reading How I Quit My Job

The Poopsmith Strikes

It was just supposed to be a typical Tuesday. It was thought that it would be a fairly simple day. The faculty and staff of the local elementary school returned to work after an unexpected break thanks to a quick winter storm (a nice thought as we suffer through the oppressive humidity of summer). The … Continue reading The Poopsmith Strikes

Shut Up, You’re Bothering Me

Do you work with someone who has a tendency to annoy you? Does this someone annoy lots of people? Let me assure you, I feel your pain. Lots of people, I'm sure, feel your pain. See, in the workplace, people from numerous walks of life are thrown together for anywhere from six to ten hours … Continue reading Shut Up, You’re Bothering Me


This prompt is inspired by the good people at Sunday Scribblings 2! Head over there to see how other bloggers have written based on this week's prompt! As a school counselor, I had the wonderful opportunity to take my summer off from work. Sure, we have a summer program that I could have easily volunteered … Continue reading Mandatory