The Unrecognizable Lois Lane

Lois Lane - Teri HatcherI don’t think I’ve mentioned on this blog yet (except for my About Me page) that I’m pretty fanatical about all things Superman. I have been for as far back as I can remember. One of those things is definitely the character of Lois Lane. Now, I’ll admit, part of that could be a Teri Hatcher thing. Or, later, an Erica Durance (played Lois on Smallville) thing. But, more than that, I love that she’s almost always been portrayed as a tough as nails reporter who manages to keep the Man of Steel grounded. Sure, there was that era when every Lois Lane adventure somehow involved her trying to trick Superman into marrying her. But that didn’t stop the character from evolving into the kind of woman who is every bit Superman’s equal.

Growing up, I collected a lot of Superman comic books. In the continuity that I knew and loved, Lois Lane and Clark Kent began their tumultuous relationship as rivals. Then they became friends. They dated. They got engaged (before she knew about the whole alter ego thing). They got married. And then reality fell apart. The creative types at DC Comics decided to reboot their continuity (for about the 52nd time). In the new DC Universe, Clark Kent was no longer married to Lois Lane. In fact, they didn’t even like each other. It was a travesty.

Lois Lane - Erica DuranceWith Lois and Clark no longer interacting the way they once did, what point did Lois have as a supporting character in Superman’s titles? And on that note, why should she be relegated to a supporting character anyway? Lois Lane should be a main character, second only to Superman himself. After all, she was introduced to the world in Action Comics #1, just like the world’s greatest superhero. The rest of the staff at the Daily Planet should be her supporting staff just as much as they are Clark Kent’s.

I quit reading DC’s titles not long after their big reboot. I don’t know all of what they’ve done to Lois Lane in the years since I dropped my subscriptions. But today, I read this article over at Bleeding Cool. According to this spoiler rich write-up, at some point in the near future, Lois Lane will make public Superman’s secret identity. This just doesn’t sit well with me. It probably won’t sit well with a lot of fans, even the ones who have stuck it out through changing continuities.

Part of Lois Lane’s character is her integrity. Sure, she’s a brilliant reporter and would do anything for a good story. But that doesn’t mean she would sell out Clark Kent for the sake of the truth. Good journalists aren’t slaves to the truth and they won’t hurt good people to make that truth known.

I didn’t like what they’d done with Lois Lane’s character in the New 52 world of DC Comics. So a few years back, I decided to write my own Lois Lane adventures. I really only got one of them written down, but I’ve always intended to go back and continue writing a series of short stories starring the Daily Planet‘s star reporter. If you’re interested in seeing my take, click the link. Let me know what you think. Should I keep going with her further adventures?


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