The Stats

I’ve made an important decision in the life of my blog. I’ve decided to stop paying attention to the statistics page. This is because all I get from looking at the stats is a feeling of discouragement. It tells me that, on a typical day, I might have 8 people who have stopped by my blog. Sure, there have been anomalous instances where I’ll have over 30 visitors. But those days are few and far between.

The discouragement is real. Honestly, I quit writing on my old blog in favor of this one because I was informed that the WordPress community was larger and I would experience more traffic than I did with Blogger. So far, I haven’t experienced that. Maybe I’m not doing it right. Maybe if I were posting as often as I once did on Carp Dime, I’d be enjoying larger numbers of readers and commenters.StatsWhat it comes down to is this: Am I writing because I enjoy writing? Or am I writing because I want people to read what I’ve written?

I’m nearly five months into this WordPress experience. Should I put an end to this little experiment and go back to a place where I knew where my followers were coming from? Or should I stick it out, give it more time? After all, I gave the last blog 10 years of my life and still never broke a hundred followers. Or is blogging just a thing of the past now? Have I grown past it? It’s not like I have another outlet for my thoughts at this point and I don’t fancy just bottling everything up.

2 thoughts on “The Stats

  1. Give it more time. Or don’t. I have very few followers but I write because it’s a form of therapy for me, something I do for myself when I get the time. I’d say keep blogging here unless you intend to use the time to work on writing books. And I don’t know, but the stats page might not include those reading/commenting from FB posts, etc.

    In the end, do whatever you want. Unless it’s going out and maiming someone. Then you shouldn’t do what you want.


  2. I’m not going to lie; the notifications that someone liked a post or even started following, are a rush for me. When I post something that I don’t receive a high “like rate”, it is a bit discouraging. At this point, though I have to remind myself WHY I started this blog…. as a creative way to express what is on my mind at any given moment. That’s it. I would say keep going. Reading other blogs and stroking blog-tionships has helped with my numbers. So has setting up a Twitter account for more visibility. I’m absolutely not trying to give advice here, since I’ve only been blogging for a few short months. Just a little perspective? Good luck!

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