Question of the Week #10

QuestionWhich sex do you think has it easier in our culture? Have you ever wished you were of the opposite sex?

Men have it easier. Without question.* I mean, our only responsibilities are to provide meat and make fire. Not to mention that the only discomfort we have to deal with beginning at puberty is the occasional growing pain during those growth spurts. But those end. Women put up with a violent reminder that they’ve been through puberty every month. I’m sure there’s more they have to put up with but, being a guy, I wouldn’t know about that. So no, I’ve never wished I were of the opposite sex. No offense, ladies.

*As with all my answers of the week, this is really just my opinion. I did no research into which gender has it easier in society.

**The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


2 thoughts on “Question of the Week #10

  1. Guys, definitely! Physiologically. In the business world. Mentally.

    Guys don’t go through all that female stuff, especially the hormonal aspect of it, and that’s not even broaching the giving birth aspect.

    Guys don’t have to work as hard to obtain the same promotions or raises as gals. If a man is assertive, he’s considered confident. If a woman is assertive, she’s considered pushy and bossy (or worse). I’ve done the same tasks as men, often better than them, yet the guys got much more recognition and praise for their part.

    Guys, generally speaking, are able to compartmentalize thoughts, whereas gals have thoughts that cross over so many times they can’t be unscrambled. Impulses cross multiple times between the brain’s hemispheres in scans of women, whereas men’s stay in one hemisphere for the most part.

    Still, I wouldn’t really want to be a guy. As much as I would truly prefer to have only one thought in my head at a time, I wouldn’t give up the amazement when feeling my son moving in the womb. I wouldn’t give up the depth of conversations I have entered into with other women. And, as difficult as some days are being a girl, God chose to create me as such and I’m sure He has His reasons.


  2. Well having been told that aside from the physical fact that I am a woman, I am totally a dude (I am a straight, married, mother) by many of my male friends over the years – I think that I would opt for the ease of peeing wherever I please, and skipping the monthly cycle, and hormonal fluctuations. Also I would love not having to wear a bra and shave my legs. Being a mom is pretty cool tho. Guys got the easier end of the bargain I think… who knows though.

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