Did You Lose Your Glasses?

A little more than a year ago, eyeglasses were not a part of my regular wardrobe. Then I saw an optometrist who let me know my vision was no longer as perfect as it once had been. I used to pride myself on having 20/20 vision. My 30s, it seemed, were catching up to me.

Soon after that eye exam, my prescription lenses were ready to go. At first, I had a hard time remembering to wear my glasses as I left the house every day. Even though there was a remarkable difference between having the glasses and not, it took a few weeks to really get into the habit. Now a year has passed and it feels strange when I don’t have them on. I even catch myself pushing nothing higher on the bridge of my nose from time to time.

It’s rare that I forget to wear my glasses when I’ve gotten ready for work. Today is one of those uncommon days. Since I work in an elementary school, the kids are used to seeing me with the glasses. The subtle change of no glasses causes a great deal of upheaval. By 8:45am, I’d already been asked a dozen times if I had lost my glasses.

There are only two things that really concern me about not having the glasses today. One is that I’ll likely develop a headache from the inability to focus my vision all day. The other is that the kids will figure out that I am, in fact, Superman.

Unbirthday Party


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