This Is the Last One About My Wisdom Teeth. I Promise.

Wisdom TeethYesterday afternoon I made another trip to the oral surgeon’s office. This time, the appointment entailed a simple follow up. They just wanted to take a look at my mouth and see how the healing process was progressing. I also got the syringe that everyone’s been telling me about. The one that squirts water into the holes where my teeth used to be in order to flush out any food particles that have gotten stuck. Yes, it is just as disgusting as it sounds.

I never actually saw the surgeon. I was told that he was busy watching the NCAA tournament. The only person I saw was a nurse who I’m pretty sure was flirting with me the whole time. I could be wrong about that. I’m never good at picking up on those things. And I’m never good at flirting back. At least, not intentionally. So I guess it’s possible that I was flirting in return, though I didn’t realize it.

She was very talkative. She talked about the weather and how she despises winter. She talked about her own experience with having her wisdom teeth removed. She talked about how patients who genuinely act crazy when waking from anesthesia are extremely rare. Most are faking it. She smiled at me a lot. She laughed at things I said that weren’t remotely funny. And, most obvious by way of flirtatious behavior, she shoved a syringe filled with salt water into the back of my mouth and flushed out food particles.

She was impressed by how well I’d healed in the week since the surgery. I’m not saying she was looking at me like I was Wolverine or anything. But she also seemed to like my ability to brag about having good teeth my whole life: never needing braces, never having a cavity, etc. I’m not saying that she was 100% flirting with me, but that’s just what it looked like to me. You be the judge. She looked to be about my age, no ring, nice smile. But the ring thing could just be a medical professional thing. Don’t doctors and nurses often remove rings while working with patients? Like I said, I don’t know. I know I can’t count on the fact that she called me honey a number of times. That, most likely, just means that she was raised in the south. But then she also feigned offense when I sarcastically said I’d cry myself to sleep over that being my final visit to the oral surgeon’s office. Answering sarcasm with sarcasm? That’s flirting, right?

What do you think? Should I consider that flirting? Not that I’d go back to get her number if it was. I’ll just know what to look for in the future.


One thought on “This Is the Last One About My Wisdom Teeth. I Promise.

  1. If answering sarcasm with sarcasm is flirting, then I need to rearrange my entire life because by those standards, I am incredibly indiscretionary and flirt with pretty much every sarcastic person alive that I have ever encountered. That’s not to say that sarcasm can’t be a form of flirting though. That’s what my relationship w/ Andrew is based on. 😛

    If she was laughing at non-funny things though, then there’s a good chance she was flirting- or had taken a few too many nips of the laughing gas.


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