Inefficient Ghouls

Ghost PathsI found this little gem on the internet at some point in recent history. As you can plainly see, it’s an attempt to explain why it is that ghosts walk through walls. They’re just following paths that were familiar to them when they were living. Buildings and floorplans change, but these restless spirits are none the wiser.

But something bothers me about this picture in particular, and it’s not just the fact that I don’t actually believe in ghosts. It’s the inefficient path that this ghost once took in life. Look at the floorplan for the original house, supposedly dated 1878. The path that this person once took is definitely going the long way to get to the stairs. Clearly, there’s a much closer door in the room in which the person was starting. I’m sure that, even in the 19th century, people were aware that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This can’t be new information.

So, yes, remove that closer door at the top of the floorplan, and I’ll completely buy into the explanation for why these ghosts walk through walls. But you just can’t convince me that anyone in their right mind would basically walk all over the downstairs just to get to the staircase.


One thought on “Inefficient Ghouls

  1. What you don’t see in this floor plan is the extensive obstacle course that has been strategically placed throughout this room to make reaching the obvious door choice a near impossibility. Or maybe that was the kitchen and there was a meat carcass hanging in that doorway and this particular person was a vegan well before it gained popularity. Or they were avoiding the ghost that they saw frequenting that available doorway and so chose to take the longer path. Or they were just crazy like me (I go out the front door to access the back yard instead of using the side door- I have my reasons.)

    Speaking of ghosts, did you ever figure out the mysterious classroom curtain phenomenon?


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