Juggling a Lot of Things…

Hey kids…

This is gonna be one of those blog posts where I’m just informing you that I’m taking a hiatus from blogging for a while.

I once heard a good metaphor for all of the stresses we try to keep up with in life that involved juggling. You’ve got all these balls in the air that you’re trying to keep going nonstop: family, friends, career, etc. All but one of these balls is made of glass. The other is made of rubber. If you drop a glass ball, it shatters. But you can afford to drop the rubber one, because it’ll bounce back, no harm done.

There’s a lot going on right now, not the least of which involves me moving out of my current living situation into another living situation. I’ve got a lot of balls in the air and blogging is the one rubber ball that I can safely set aside for a bit while I figure out how to deal with the ones I’m still trying to juggle.

And I suck at juggling.

There are certain stressful events that take place throughout a person’s life that they say you should try to avoid doing all at once. A couple of those are taking place as we speak. So if I can not worry about the deadlines I put on myself regarding the weekly installments I tend to post here, then I’m gonna do without for now.

But I’ll still be around. Hopefully, I’ll still be checking up on the blogs that I read regularly, as much as I can anyway. And hopefully I won’t be absent from my own blog for too long. Maybe I’m posting this and it’ll only be a couple of weeks before I make the big comeback.

Can it be a big comeback if I’m only gone for a couple of weeks? Maybe it’ll just be a little comeback.

In the meantime, love the people around you. Be kind, rewind. Don’t take wooden nickels. Hugs, not drugs.

One thought on “Juggling a Lot of Things…

  1. It’s totally understandable. I feel like I’ve slowed down on my blog and it bothers me but when we have all these balls to juggle a blog is for sure a rubber one- I love the way you used that analogy. The harsh reality is that our blogs at least not most of ours, aren’t paying bills, right? For me, I can’t seem to let go without getting a sense of emptiness like I HAVE to write at least once every 2 weeks I just can’t let go. I have big issues with consistency that I’m trying to get over. I wish you the best and maybe you’ll be back sooner than you know it!!! Get those balls in check!

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