Rewatching Angel – Episode 44

Welcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago. There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb Cordelia cries over Lorne's severed head. "I … Continue reading Rewatching Angel – Episode 44


Rewatching Buffy – Episode 100

Welcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago. The Gift Can you believe we've watched 100 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer together? Okay, maybe it's … Continue reading Rewatching Buffy – Episode 100

My Favorite Movies #60 – Love Actually

Love Actually 2003 Directed by Richard Curtis Netflix says... Writer-director Richard Curtis's charming treatise on romance and relationships is an all-star ensemble comedy that tells 10 separate (but intertwining) London love stories, leading up to a spirited climax on Christmas Eve. I was tempted to not do this one today. Because it's not available to stream … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #60 – Love Actually

The Versatile Blogger Award

Y'all... I was nominated earlier this week for this Versatile Blogger Award. Twice. Please, hold your applause. First, I'd like to thank the Academy. I'd also like to thank that sweet little old lady that gets up at 4:00 a.m. every morning to make those made-from-scratch biscuits that Hardee's is so famous for. I don't … Continue reading The Versatile Blogger Award

Question of the Week #185

What sorts of things would you do if you could be as outgoing and uninhibited as you wished? Do you usually initiate friendships or wait to be approached? I'm not sure I know how to answer this question. It's like, What would you do if you had an entirely different personality? I guess, for starters, I … Continue reading Question of the Week #185

Three Things

I've got a few things on my mind and none of them fit together. So this isn't going to be a neat and tidy little blog post with one coherent thought. No, there will be several coherent thoughts. First things first... I quit the Whole30. I know. I'm a quitter. How can I show my … Continue reading Three Things

Aaron’s Surprise Birthday Party

Paul was kind enough to throw me a surprise birthday party over on his blog, The Captain’s Speech! Stop by and check it out, grab some pizza and cake, recite lines from Back to the Future!

The Captain's Speech


We, here at The Captain’s Speech, like to make dreams come true. On January 10, Aaron from The Confusing Middle posted a list of 100 random facts about himself. Here are two facts that stood out to me.

Fact #1: I was born on March 6, 1980.

Fact #66: More than anything, I would love to have someone throw me a surprise birthday party at some point, but I don’t think it’s ever going to happen.

Upon reading that, I knew what I had to do, and instantly starting writing this post.

Aaron and I have been friends on WordPress for several years, running speed walking in the same blog circle. We’ve seen bloggers come and go, and then come back, only to leave again. Hey, maybe we’re the problem? Wow, this got depressing.

As bloggers, we take care of our own. So, Aaron, welcome to your WordPress surprise birthday…

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