The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2021

Well… Here we are. Another year has gone by, bringing us to another Top 10 list here at The Confusing Middle. I thought about skipping this annual tradition this year. Because, even though I made a conscious effort to post something every day, the numbers aren’t exactly earth shattering. Then again, they probably aren’t too earth shattering at any point on any of these annual Top 10 lists.

Out of 399 blog posts in 2021, these are the ones that were viewed the most…

10 – Bluefield at 100 – October 8
If you’ve been keeping up in recent weeks, you may have noticed that Fridays have been devoted to celebrating my alma mater’s 100th anniversary. Bluefield College is now Bluefield University and I have been inviting various individuals who were once students at Bluefield to fill out a questionnaire that allows us to get a glimpse of where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing since their time at Bluefield College. I have loved doing these posts and getting a chance to reconnect with a lot of individuals I knew way back when and sharing their stories with my readers. I love how, even if you never knew any of these people, you can see how everyone has a story to tell.

9 – 77-Ford v Ferrari – May 24
As a part of my list of the Top 100 Movies I’ve Never Seen, Ford v Ferrari came in at number 77. It’s odd because I don’t think any of my movie reviews have ever made one of these Top 10 lists in the past, when I was going through the AFI Top 100 or my own personal Top 100. But something about this movie starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale spoke to people enough to get the views. And it’s not the only movie we’ll see from this list on this list.

8 – Some Thoughts on Superman & Lois – February 25
As a lifelong Superman fan, I felt it necessary to check out the latest TV series to feature the Man of Steel. Would I think it’s awesome? Or would I consider it a disappointment, as I’ve felt much of the “Arrowverse” has been in recent years? At the time of writing this post back in February, I only covered what was seen in the 2-hour series premiere. Now that I’ve seen the rest of the first season, I can say it had its ups and downs, but I can say that, overall, I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to where the story will go in the second season.

7 – Bluefield at 100: Jason Vicars – November 19
As mentioned above, Fridays have been devoted to spotlighting former students of Bluefield College. This post focused on Jason Vicars.

6 – Bluefield at 100: Kelly Bittler – October 15
As mentioned above, Fridays have been devoted to spotlighting former students of Bluefield College. This post focused on Kelly Bittler.

5 – 100 Random Facts About Me 4.0 – January 4
Every couple of years I take time to update my “About the Blogger” page, which has a list of 100 random facts about myself. It’s an easy post to write because there’s so much that stays the same. And the things that change… well, it’s easy to come up with new random facts because, if anyone is an expert on me, it’s me.

4 – The Open Door Policy – August 12
This is one of those posts where I got a little nostalgic for the college years, thinking about what life used to be like when I lived in a dorm room and all of my closest friends were just down the hall. It sure was easy to make friends when everyone you knew was trapped on the same tiny campus together.

3 – Some Thoughts About Cruella – May 31
I’ll be honest… I haven’t gone back to read all that I had to say about Cruella in this post from May. But I assume I didn’t have a ton of great things to say about it. I’m sure I said something about Emma Stone and Emma Thompson being highlights… But, in general, I’m less than impressed with any of Disney’s live-action remakes or villain origin stories. Stop trying to make us feel sympathy for the devil. Let your bad guys (and gals) be bad guys (and gals).

2 – 81-Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – March 29
This one really must have struck a chord with readers. I mean, it’s understandable. It really did turn out to be a great movie. If you haven’t seen it and get around to it at some point, be sure to have an entire box of tissues at your side.

1 – There Was a Time… – January 6
If you notice the date on which this post was written, you may remember that it was not a good day in the history of the United States. I don’t want to rehash all of that now. We’ll have enough folks talking about it in the days to come as we approach the anniversary, I’m sure. I rarely write about anything political, and with that post being so topical and pertaining to current events as they were still unfolding, it’s no wonder it attracted as much attention as it did.

And look, I’m not saying that any of these posts really attracted all that much attention. This is still a humble little blog that sees an average of less than 100 views per day. There’s really nothing to brag about here. These just happened to be the 10 posts that were written in 2021 that got the most views. The real winner is a post called Hello, Friend, written way back in March of 2015. For some reason, it got 736 views this year. Not sure what drew people to that one. Guess people like posts about being stuck in the friend zone.

That does it for 2021’s most viewed blog posts. I usually do another Top 10 with my personal favorites. I’ll have to sift through all those posts and see if I can find ten that I really like.


One thought on “The Confusing Middle’s Top 10 Blog Posts from 2021

  1. Every year since 2015, one of my top posts is a post I wrote called Doorbell Etiquette. There is absolutely nothing special about it, yet it gets a lot of hits, mostly from search engines. I don’t understand and am almost offended by it haha

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