Just About the Dumbest Thing I Could Do

I got home from work and set about making dinner. I had been debating most of the afternoon what I would end up having. Before getting home, I couldn’t even remember what I had at home to even make for dinner. Some cans of tuna in the cabinet? Sandwich meat in the fridge but no bread for sandwiches?

Exploring my kitchen, I discovered a box of Hamburger Helper and a pound of ground beef that was due to go bad in a few days. Looks like my decision was made.

Everything was going well until I turned on the stovetop. Then it went real bad.

As the glass covered heating element got warmer, I noticed a small stream of smoke emerging from under my skillet. That’s when I realized… the skillet had been sitting on a potholder, which was now beginning to burn from the eye turned on high heat.

I quickly switched off the eye and moved the skillet to another part of the stove while the potholder smoldered on the hot glass stovetop. Smoke billowed so much that I’m shocked my smoke detector never began screaming. I mean, this is a smoke detector that will go off if I open my oven and the thing feels too much heat.

I’m incredibly grateful that no fires were started. But now I’m left with a melted potholder on one of the heating elements of my glass stovetop.

Anyone have a decent trick to clean that up and save the stovetop? I don’t fancy paying to replace the glass on this thing…


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