On the 2nd Day of Blogmas…

Did you know that yesterday was National Christmas Lights Day? Man… there’s a day for all the things.

Anyway, it’s fitting that a friend from work shared an infographic with a helpful list of electrical safety tips for the home and office. I mean, sure it’s fun to watch Clark Griswold hang 25,000 twinkling lights on his house each Christmas. But is that really practical?

Of course it’s not.

So here are some safety tips this holiday season…

  1. Buy lights with low wattage bulbs that are UL safety approved. LED lights last longer and are energy-efficient.
  2. Check lights before use–place them on a non-flammable surface and plug them in for 15 minutes to ensure they don’t smoke or melt.
  3. Check lights for broken bulbs, cracked sockets, or loose connections and check wires for frayed or cut insulation.
  4. Don’t overload circuits, outlets, and extension cords.
  5. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on how many strings of lights can be safely connected together.
  6. When stringing outdoor lights, use a dry wooden or fiberglass ladder and stay clear of overhead power lines.
  7. Don’t use nails, tacks, or staples to hang lights. Use insulated clip hangers instead.
  8. Don’t use indoor lights outdoors–they are not waterproof.
  9. Don’t use outdoor lights indoors–they burn hotter than indoor lights.
  10. Artificial trees should be flame resistant.
  11. Water your live tree every day to avoid the risk of fire.
  12. Illuminate a metal tree with a spotlight. Never use regular tree lights.
  13. Unplug lights when changing a bulb and don’t connect lights while adjusting them on the tree.
  14. Don’t leave holiday lights on while you’re sleeping or away from home or office.
  15. Don’t run extension cords under rugs or carpet.

Well… I’m guilty of number 14. I leave my tree on 24/7. But, hey, I’m good with the rest of these tips. Not too shabby.

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