The Exit Interview

Well… that’s over.

I went in for my exit interview this morning, which was, in reality, little more than a survey asking how the company can improve in certain areas. I had nothing negative to say… so I’m sure my responses were of little use to the powers that be.

Of course, when I exited that exit interview I still had a full day of work ahead of me. Three clients to meet with and a new employee shadowing me for part of the day. It’s been an interesting final day.

Now that it’s over… I have met with my last client on my last day of my last week… I’m still sitting in my car just taking it all in. My head against the headrest. The air conditioner blowing at full blast. Music turned off. Eyes closed. Head and back aching. In need of a good week’s sleep.

I’ve promised myself that tomorrow will be a day of relaxation. Of course Sunday will mean my traditional procrastinated paperwork from this week. But tomorrow comes the relaxing.

I may even have my groceries delivered, despite the risk that entails. I just know I’m gonna want to not leave the apartment at all…

Thank you and good night.


2 thoughts on “The Exit Interview

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