One More Day

I only have one more day left in my current job.

One more day and then next week begins a brand new adventure. No… that sounds more exciting than it is. It’s a new job… not an adventure. I’m nervous and have no idea what I’m doing. But I’ll learn.

And I’d be lying if I said there aren’t parts of the current job that I’ll miss. Mostly, I’ll miss the company I’ve worked for and the culture they’ve created there. I’ve never worked anywhere like it… where I’ve felt entirely supported and encouraged and appreciated for the work I do. It was a new feeling that I hope will transfer over to the new position.

In the meantime… I have one more day. I have an exit interview and three more clients to see.

Then it’s over.

…Except for the paperwork I have to catch up on from this week.

But then it’s over.

For real.


3 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. I have changed job locations quite often. Any change can bring on anxiety: am I doing the right thing, will I regret the change? Somehow it usually works out and then I realize that I stressed for nothing. You will be fine too.

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