It’s Dreamy

Those crazy confectioners at Coca-Cola are at it again with another kooky concoction.

You may remember that, earlier this year, Coca-Cola Creations released the Starlight version of Coke, which was reportedly meant to approximate the taste of space. I tried it… But I’ve never been to space, so I can’t attest for what space really tastes like. I just know I didn’t much care for the new flavor.

Today I got my hands on a 20 oz. bottle of Coca-Cola Dreamworld. The label tells me it’s dream flavored.

Now, I have mentioned on this blog a number of times that I often have vivid dreams. But the vividness of those dreams is limited to sight and sound. And on the rare occasion smell. I don’t ever remember tasting anything in my dreams. Therefore I cannot consciously state that I’m aware of what a dream state tastes like.

I wouldn’t think it’s anything like what I just swallowed when I opened that bottle of Coca-Cola Dreamworld.

At first, I had no idea what to think because I was having a hard time comparing the flavor to anything I’ve ever known. I took a whiff upon first twisting off the cap and picked up a distinct fruity bouquet. And once the aftertaste kicked in, I can say that the flavor is definitely a fruity one.

I’m definitely picking up hints of pineapple… which I hate. But overall I’d say it’s a mix of Coke and fruit punch.

Y’all… people are being paid to come up with insane flavors to match insane flavor names. I would really love to know the process behind flavoring these experimental sodas. I mean… do they survey people?

“What do you think space tastes like?”
“What do your dreams taste like?”
“If melancholy were a flavor, what would it be?”

Or do they have a bunch of non-conformists sitting around a conference table brainstorming?

Hipster 1: “What about a sadness flavor?”
Hipster 2: “Idiot, no one wants to drink sadness!”
Lead Hipster: “Hey! There are no bad ideas in brainstorming. Besides, Hipster 1 just lost his cat, so he’s simply expressing what he’s feeling.”
Hipster 2: “Sorry, Hipster 1… I forgot about Mittens. What if we called it Grief? Think people might drink it then?”
Hipster 1: “Why not? Everyone has a grieving process… Why not make Coke a part of it?”
Lead Hipster: “Good work, team. Now what will Grief actually taste like?”
Hipster 3: “Blueberries and cinnamon.”
Lead Hipster: “No arguments here. Mix it up and get it into the stores!”

Man… I need to go work for Coke.


One thought on “It’s Dreamy

  1. The most outrageous flavour I have tried is coke vanilla with coffee. It came in a mini tall can and was like $2.50 for that small amount. It was a good one time try but thats about it haha I haven’t seen any of these crazy flavours you’ve been blogging about up here. Maybe in a year or so they’ll branch out haha

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