A Face Full of Salad Bar

I recently took a client to eat lunch at a local restaurant known for its extensive salad bar. And as I sat waiting for my food to come out of the kitchen, I couldn’t help but observe a number of individuals who were hitting up that extensive salad bar…

Maybe it’s a part of that anxiety that now exists inside of me thanks to the pandemic and our many years locking down and masking up. But I couldn’t help but be slightly disturbed when I watched a 4-year-old kid develop a very intimate relationship with that extensive salad bar.

We’re talking fingers dipped in vats of dressing. A fistful of bacon bits. A face nearly buried in the baby spinach and shredded carrots.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I implore you. In this post-COVID world, if you intend to drag your small child up to the buffet with you, please monitor their activities. It’s been proven that children are little more than an incubation chamber for any number of bacterial and viral infections. Let’s try and stop the spread, yeah?


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