Ending Phase One of My DC Cinematic Universe

Okay… I feel like I should apologize for stretching this out. That wasn’t my intent. But I didn’t want these posts to wind up being too long. Because as dull as these theoretical movie plans may be for most folks reading them, it would be even worse if I’d tried to put them all together in one post. If you missed the beginnings of my version of Phase One, please click back here for the kick off Superman movie and here for Batman, Wonder Woman, and Trinity. Let’s continue, shall we?

Phase One

Superman 2

Synopsis: Someone looking a great deal like Superman has been thwarting criminals left and right in Metropolis. Only Lois Lane and Clark Kent know that this Superman is an imposter, because even he can’t be in two places at once. Over time, this false Superman begins to display increasingly irrational behavior, culminating in an attack on the Daily Planet and, specifically, on Clark Kent, the man who has his face. What Lois and Clark don’t know is that this is a clone that has been engineered by scientists in the lowest levels of LexCorp Tower and the clone has become unstable.

Primary Villain: Bizarro – An imperfect clone of the Man of Steel with equivalent strength and speed as well as a few other bizarre powers (freeze vision and fire breath, the opposite of Superman’s heat vision and freezing breath). As time goes on, the Bizarro clone’s intelligence and appearance fade, leaving him to literally be a pale comparison of the real Superman. As Bizarro deteriorates and is shunned by Luthor (whom he only knows as “father”), Superman takes pity on him and wants to find a way to help him. He takes the clone and Lois to his Fortress of Solitude.

Secondary Villain: The Eradicator – A Kryptonian artificial intelligence whose purpose is to preserve and sustain Kryptonian culture. It is this intelligence that signaled Superman and built his Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic at the end of the previous film. When Kal-El arrives with Lois and an imperfect clone in tow, Fortress security attempts to terminate the non-Kryptonian life. Superman is able to access the artificial intelligence, which has grown beyond his control and is intent on eradicating all of humanity to make way for a new Krypton.

Bizarro would then help Superman to stop the Eradicator, dying in the process. Superman would remove the Eradicator’s central processor from the Fortress mainframe and eject it into deep space.

Supporting Characters: Lois Lane; General Sam Lane; Lex Luthor; Perry White; Jimmy Olsen; Jonathan and Martha Kent; Mercy Graves

Mid-Credits Scene: Superman confronts Luthor, though he has no proof that Luthor was behind the clone that was Bizarro. He tells him that Bizarro died a hero… not that Luthor cares. Luthor does not even dignify Superman with a response. But when he flies away, leaving Luthor alone, he mentions that this has only been Phase One.

End-Credits Scene: In deep space, in a large, empty room on a vast spacecraft, we see a lone figure, staring at the stars. Small robots approach this figure, claiming to have retrieved a Kryptonian artifact that was floating through space. One of the machines speculates that it is a damaged version of the Kryptonian Eradicator. The figure is revealed to be Brainiac, a collector and destroyer of worlds, who is suddenly intrigued by this deep space find.

Timeline: This story takes place only weeks following the events of Trinity, roughly 8 months after the events of Superman.

Green Lantern Corps

Synopsis: This should have a comedic buddy cop kind of feel. Hal Jordan has been the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 for nearly three years and has spent most of that time away from Earth, his home world. He is the first human to wield the green power ring. But he was recently joined by another human, John Stewart, a rookie who has just finished his training on Oa, the Green Lantern home world. As the story begins, Hal and John return to Earth for the first time since each were chosen to wear the ring. They find that things have changed on Earth… there are super powered and costumed individuals popping up all over the place. Before they have much time to settle in and begin patrolling their sector of space, they get an alert from the Green Lantern Corps that the Lantern of Sector 1417 is performing inappropriate and illegal actions with his power ring and are sent to investigate.

Primary Villain: Sinestro – Considered to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time, his power grows corrupt when he uses his ring to rule his home world with fear as he discovers that an iron fist is the best way to maintain order among his people. Hal and John are specifically sent to confront Sinestro because Hal was trained by Sinestro and considers him a friend. Hal finds it difficult to believe that Sinestro would go from being the greatest among them to resort to terrorism. John, though inexperienced as a Lantern, stands as a voice of reason for Hal, giving them the opportunity to stop Sinestro from enslaving his own people.

Supporting Characters: Guardians of the Universe; Kilowog; Salaak; Arisia; Tomar-Re; Boodikka; Carol Ferris

Mid-Credits Scene: While being led to a cell on Oa, Sinestro manages to escape his bonds with the help of the Weaponers of Qward, a race of beings from the anti-matter universe. Sinestro apparently had an arrangement with these people should the day come that he was ever in need of their assistance. Upon arriving on their home world in the anti-matter universe, Sinestro is gifted a new power ring. One of yellow… specifically designed to combat the green light.

Post-Credits Scene: While still on Oa, Hal and John are summoned before the Guardians, who warn them of an impending threat to their home world of Earth. Hal questions them, asking if they should be going after Sinestro. They are assured that other Lanterns will pursue the fugitive. The Guardians then explain that Hal and John will be needed on Earth because the being known as Brainiac is on his way there now. Brainiac has discovered a living Kryptonian on Earth and will stop at nothing to collect him.

Timeline: This story takes place in the weeks following Superman 2.

The Justice League

Synopsis: This team up will be the end of the DC Cinematic Universe’s first phase. The two Green Lanterns of Earth, Hal Jordan and John Stewart, track down the only Kryptonian bio-signature on the planet. In civilian attire, they approach Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. As Superman, he brings the Green Lanterns to his Fortress, which is still intact and serviceable, though without a malevolent artificial intelligence running things. It’s here that Clark discovers the truth about Brainiac and the end of the planet Krypton. Clark tells Hal and John that they’ll need a few more heavy hitters if they’re going to face this thing once it arrives.

Primary Villain: Brainiac – An alien of supremely advanced intelligence who travels throughout the known universe, collecting unique civilizations. He does this by finding a planet he deems worthy and, using his advanced technology, traps the world’s largest city inside a bottle of sorts, then shrinks it to keep on display in his ship. To ensure that his collection is truly unique, Brainiac then destroys the world that is left behind. This is what Clark discovers happened to Krypton after Brainiac arrived and stole his home world’s city of Kandor. Upon learning from the Eradicator that Kal-El is Krypton’s sole survivor, Brainiac sets his sights on Earth. He is ready to collect Metropolis in a bottle, then destroy the planet when he’s finished.

Major Players: Superman; Batman; Wonder Woman; Green Lanterns (Hal Jordan/John Stewart); Barry Allen (The Flash); Arthur Curry (Aquaman); J’onn J’onnz (Martian Manhunter)

Supporting Characters: Lois Lane; Lex Luthor; Alfred Pennyworth; Dick Grayson (Robin); Kate Kane (Batwoman); Guardians of the Universe; Etta Candy; Iris West-Allen; Mera; Orm (Ocean Master)

Obviously a number of subplots would need to take place to effectively introduce previously unseen characters in a way that makes sense.

Mid-Credits Scene: Superman and several other Leaguers gather the surviving bottled cities in a room of Superman’s Fortress. Discussing the situation with Hal and John, it becomes obvious that new worlds will need to be found for these cities frozen in time, including the Kryptonian city of Kandor. It will take time and a lot of study, but eventually, the hope is to give them all a new chance at life in the universe.

Post-Credits Scene: Bruce, Clark, and Diana stand together, looking down at a table inside Wayne Manor. Spread out on the table are blueprints labeled “Hall of Justice.”

Okay… That brings my version of Phase One of the DC Cinematic Universe to a close. What did you think? Are these movies you’d be interested in seeing? Of course there would be a lot that needs to be fleshed out, but that’s why the studio needs to hire trusted writers who love the source material and can do it justice. Should I continue on with Phase Two? I’ve got ideas… I mean, we still need to give Flash and Aquaman their own solo films. A third Superman is a must. Another Batman would be great, but one focused on the Bat-family more than just the Dark Knight. Got to have a Wonder Woman sequel. And you can’t just give Sinestro his yellow ring without following up with the Green Lantern Corp going to war with the Sinestro Corps. It’s a great big universe with infinite possibilities.


One thought on “Ending Phase One of My DC Cinematic Universe

  1. A lot of interesting ideas. I would like to see your version of Phase Two some day. Personally my Phase One on an alternate Earth would look something like this:
    2013 – Superman: The Man of Steel and The Batman
    2014 – Wonder Woman and The Flash
    2015 – Superman & Batman: World’s Finest
    2016 – Green Lantern Corps. and Aquaman
    2017 – Justice League

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