Summoned to the Office

A little background… I don’t typically work in our office. I’m out in the community with clients throughout the vast majority of my work day. For me to go into the office is a rare thing. It means I’ve got a meeting with my supervisor or a staff meeting or a client needs to meet with someone there…

So I’m always nervous whenever I get a call or text message asking me to come by the office to see the boss. I don’t know why I’m nervous. I am, after all, beloved in that office.

But it happened today. The boss sent a text and asked if I could come by the office at some point. So I said sure. When I had a chance, that’s exactly what I did.

Because beyond being nervous about being summoned to the office, I was curious as well. I was pretty sure I hadn’t done anything wrong, so I shouldn’t actually be in trouble for anything. Turns out I was right…

I wasn’t in trouble for anything. I was being rewarded for doing a good job.

We have a group message that all the employees are in on through our work phones. This gives everyone the opportunity to request coverage if it’s needed and that’s the quickest way to get the word out to everyone at once. Every Tuesday, our director does a shout out to various employees who have seemingly gone above and beyond. I typically just glance over most messages on this group text, keeping an eye out for situations where I might be able to help… but mostly ignoring what’s sent when I realize it doesn’t pertain to me.

This has caused me to inadvertently ignore shout outs that I have received in the past two weeks. Apparently, last week I was given a shout out for “always giving such prompt and helpful feedback on his individuals.” Today, I got one saying, “His timesheets always on time, matching [OUR DOCUMENTATION SOFTWARE] and notes completed. The pride and dedication you take in your work is truly inspiring.”

Inspiring… I guess I’ll take it.

Though I don’t really think I’ve done anything special. I mean… I’m doing my job. I feel like I’m simply doing what should be expected of me and every other employee in the company. I don’t consider the fact that I turn my work in accurately and on time to be “above and beyond” what is expected.

But I’m sure not going to turn it down when our director says thank you by handing me a $50 gift card.

Now how should I spend this random $50?


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