Day Four of the Staycation

Went to see Elvis today. It was all right… Not sure it’s anything to write home about. Tom Hanks was good as the Colonel. Austin Butler was outstanding as Elvis. Overall, I just thought the movie was too long. And it felt long.

I don’t mind long movies if they don’t feel long, you know?

Thought about getting a haircut this afternoon. I really want to cut it all off. I’m tired of dealing with it. And it’s way too hot out there. But when I got to the place I normally go, it was busy. I didn’t feel like dealing with that, either.

Plus I hadn’t eaten anything all day. So I took myself to a very late lunch… or possibly a very early dinner. I don’t know which it was… I just know it’s the only real meal I’ll eat today.

Tonight is my last night in the hotel. I guess if I’m to go to the pinball museum at some point this week, tomorrow will be the day. I guess it all just depends on how motivated I am once I get checked out of this place in the morning.


One thought on “Day Four of the Staycation

  1. Sounds like, in general, you’re not feeling too motivated at the moment! 🙂
    I thought Elvis was amazing! Sure there were things to nitpick about, but overall. Brilliant!
    Baz does amazing work and Austin was brilliant as Elvis, Tom Hanks was very good as the Col, even if that character was very annoying. Means Tom did a good job, hey?!

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