Question of the Week #326

Would you be willing to give up sex for a year if you knew it would give you a much deeper sense of peace than you have now? What would you be willing to give up to have as much wonderful sex as you desire for the next year?

Sure… Not really giving up anything anyway. Sign me up for that deep sense of peace.

That was easy… for me, anyway. But your answer, I’m certain, would be different. Where do you stand on the sex vs. peace thing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


3 thoughts on “Question of the Week #326

  1. I’d give up sex for peace. I’ve made the mistake earlier in my life to give up peace for sex and I learned it’s not all I imagined it to be…or perhaps I should say it was everything I imagined but I didn’t realize what a disaster I and my life would become as a result. Give me peace.

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