Welcome to the 2022 April A to Z Challenge! Each day (minus Sundays) in the month of April will feature a short work of fiction based on a random word beginning with the corresponding letter of the day. Those random words will be provided by various friends and family members throughout the month. Today’s word, map, was provided by my blogging friend, Paul. Go check out his blog! Then come back here… Each story is loosely connected to the one before but will make more sense if you read them all in order. To go back to the beginning to see where this madness began, click here

“Conner, you need to take it easy for a few days,” said Dr. Mid-Nite, getting to his feet after examining the concussed Superboy. “I trust you’ll head back to Smallville and let the Kents take good care of you?”

Superboy rubbed his head where the bandage had been wrapped and said, “Sure thing, Doc.”

Dr. Mid-Nite then turned to Wonder Girl, who was sitting beside Conner. She nodded, “He will.”

“Good to know. That being the case, if you’ll excuse me, I should get back to New York.”

Cassie and Conner watched Mid-Nite cross the room, heading toward the teleportation chamber. Both of them were in awe. They knew that the good doctor was conventionally blind, yet he could maneuver his way through the unfamiliar Titans Tower without so much as stubbing a toe on the coffee table.

Within seconds, Dr. Mid-Nite was back inside the New York City headquarters of the Justice Society of America. He was amazed at how technology had evolved so quickly over the years, to the point that he could move from one side of the country to the other in the blink of an eye thanks to the Zeta Beam that Adam Strange and his friends on the planet Rann had been able to develop.

“All right,” said Mid-Nite, noticing the mild chaos in the Society’s conference room, “what did I miss?”

“There have been two other attacks,” said Power Girl, trying to remain calm. “Red Torpedo took down an apartment building in Metropolis. Red Inferno attacked the Hall of Justice in D.C.”

Coming up beside Power Girl, Dr. Mid-Nite stated, “At least that second attack wouldn’t have gone very far. I assume the League would handle that right away?”

“They did,” she said, “And Superman was able to deal with Torpedo fairly quickly. Even made sure that the residents of the building made it out safely before the structure collapsed.”

“How can we help?”

“We’re on stand-by,” said Jay Garrick, the first hero to carry the title of the Flash. “With three attacks from Morrow’s androids happening simultaneously in three different locations, we can’t be sure if they’re just a distraction or if he’s up to something on his own.”

“Problem is,” interrupted Power Girl, “Batman says they’ve captured T. O. Morrow in Washington. And Superman grabbed in near the scene in Metropolis.”

“And the kids have Morrow tied up back in San Francisco,” said Mid-Nite.

“Which one is the real T. O. Morrow?” asked the Flash.

Power Girl pulled up a map of North America on the large monitor. She marked Metropolis, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco before asking, “Have we had any other strange incidents recently? Even if they seem unconnected to Morrow.”

“I know the Joker recently escaped from Arkham,” said the Flash before adding, “and there was an explosion in Blüdhaven the other day.”

Power Girl added marks to Gotham and Blüdhaven on the screen’s map. “Other than that, it’s been quiet,” she said. “I don’t see a pattern.”

“I don’t see anything,” joked Mid-Nite, trying to lighten the mood.

Jay stifled a laugh while Karen rolled her eyes. “I’m gonna fly around the city and keep an eye on things. You guys mind hanging out here for a little monitor duty?”

Mid-Nite nodded and Jay said, “Fine by me. Let us know if you spot anything out of the ordinary.”

“Will do,” said Power Girl as she took flight and exited through a skylight.

These characters are not my own. The Teen Titans, the Justice Society of America, and all related characters are the property of DC Comics. This is a work of fan fiction and is just for fun. Please don’t sue me.

Feature Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash


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