I’m always intrigued when brands that I’m familiar with and regularly enjoy come out with new versions or flavors. I mean, Mountain Dew is doing it all the time, right? In the last 20 years there have probably been more flavors of Mountain Dew than there were different brands of soda available when I was a kid in the ’80s.

So I was curious when I saw a new version of Coca-Cola hitting store shelves a few days ago…

I like Coke. Without question, given the choice of Coke or Pepsi, I choose Coke every time. And if I end up in a restaurant where I order a Coke and the waiter asks if Pepsi is okay, the answer is always no. Pepsi is not okay.

To look at this new Coca-Cola Starlight, it certainly appears different. The liquid inside the bottle is lighter than your standard Coke. And it has a bit of a reddish hue to it. The label states that it is “Space Flavored.”

What does that even mean?

From what I’ve been able to tell from Googling this stuff, Coca-Cola has set up a new division called Coca-Cola Creations. Apparently, this is where new and experimental flavors will come from and the first of these is Starlight. And when I’ve tried to find a description of this new soda flavor, everything I’ve found is incredibly vague.

I mean, it’s weird enough that the label itself claims the beverage tastes like space. An article found on BusinessWire says, “Its taste includes additional notes reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire, as well as a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space.” I think that’s about as obscure as it gets.

Though I do remember reading somewhere that scientists have theorized that space tastes like raspberries. I assume there’s a way to determine that flavor without having an astronaut go on a space walk and take off their helmet. But how does the vacuum of space have a flavor?

Okay… enough speculation. This is about the actual drink.

It’s a limited edition, so it will only be available for a limited time and is available in only so many forms. Pretty sure that only includes 12-pack aluminum cans and 20 oz. individual bottles. It also comes in a regular and Zero Sugar variety. Personally, I just grabbed a 20 oz. bottle of the regular Starlight.

When I twisted off the lid, the first thing I wanted to determine was the smell of the drink. I honestly couldn’t pick up anything other than Coke… though maybe just a little off. Then I took a sip… and it’s still hard to pinpoint what flavors I’m getting.

Look, I’ve never been the kind of person who could take a drink or bite of something and tell you what flavors are mixed in. I am not the guy you want to take to a wine tasting. If you’re trying to figure out your grandmother’s chocolate chip cookie recipe by eating the cookie, I can’t tell you what spices she may have used to make the recipe unique.

I’m not sure I can distinctly taste raspberry, even though that’s what I was kind of expecting, especially considering the red hue to the drink and that aforementioned flavor of space theory. The aftertaste is very sweet… almost like cotton candy. But overall… meh…

This will be the only bottle of Coca-Cola Starlight that I will buy. It leaves me to wonder how much of Coca-Cola Creations continued existence hinges on the success of Starlight. There’s talk of more flavors being released later this year. But if they’re anything like Starlight, I’d be okay missing out.

I wonder if this is how people reacted to New Coke back in ’85…


7 thoughts on “Starlight

  1. I’d guess this is an attempt to attract the “experimental” and “collector” type of people and get them engaged in the brand vs. any real sales targets. You’re description of a very sweet cotton candy finish assured me that this is not for me. If I’m heading to space, I’d want a cool and fresh aftertaste…after all it’s likely the last thing that I’d every experience .

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  3. I am also a coke over pepsi person but if asked if pepsi is ok then it is lol

    This is interesting, I didn’t know there was a new flavour but I wouldn’t get it anyway. I’m a “stick to what I know” type of girl. And lately rarely buy any type of soda.

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  4. Space tastes like raspberries. And they know this… how? Did an astronaut whip off his helmet mid moon walk and stick out his tongue? I think not. And while I agree Pepsi is never okay, new versions of Coke rarely are either.

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