Because today is National Have a Coke Day, our Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week is Coca-Cola. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it…

It’s kind of funny because it hasn’t been that long since I did a post about Coca-Cola. Well… it wasn’t about Coca-Cola in general. It was just about the weird new flavor of Coke that they’ve labeled Starlight. It’s supposed to taste like outer space. I haven’t tried it since that one time. I’m happy to stick with a regular Coke.

Coke does like to experiment with different flavors and I’ve definitely tasted my share of the things they’ve had to offer. I mean, who doesn’t love a Cherry Coke? My personal favorite is a Vanilla Coke. I remember when they first released that and I was a senior in college. It felt like a very big deal at the time. Since then, they’ve combined those two flavors and you can occasionally find a 20 ounce bottle of Cherry Vanilla Coke. It’s not bad, if I say so myself.

A few years back they came out with an Orange Vanilla flavor. I guess that was supposed to appeal to all those Dreamsicle fans out there. Don’t get me wrong… I do enjoy a good Dreamsicle from time to time. But I didn’t think it belonged in my Coke.

Some restaurants and convenience stores and even movie theaters have those amazing Coke Freestyle machines. It’s just like a normal fountain where you would fill up your gigantic cup full of soda, but you choose what you want on the touchscreen first. You pick the type of drink you want: Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Sprite, Mello Yello, etc. Then you can pick flavors to add to the drink, if you so desire. I’m a fan of adding lime to my Coke.

Did you know that out of all the places to get a Coke, McDonald’s is the best? Don’t believe me? Go to the drive-through of your closest McDonald’s and order a large Coke. It’s just a dollar. Take a sip and tell me it isn’t the best tasting Coca-Cola you’ve ever had. Still don’t believe me or your taste buds? Here’s an article telling you all the reasons why McDonald’s has the best Coke out there.

I’m old enough to remember the disaster that was New Coke in the 1980s. But I’m not old enough to have a memory of trying it before it was taken off store shelves. In my mind, the only Coca-Cola that I’ve ever known is the classic formula that we all know and love today. But out of sheer, morbid curiosity, I sure do wish they would release New Coke again, even as a temporary thing. I want to experience for myself just how bad it was.

I haven’t had a chance to visit the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, but I’ve heard you can sample different versions of Coke from all over the world there. If you’re reading this and have been there, can you confirm that for me? Is New Coke one of the potential beverages you can sample in Atlanta? I really want to know.

I’ll finish this up by saying that I am definitely a Coke person. If you are a server in a restaurant and I try to order a Coke and you ask if Pepsi is okay, it is absolutely not okay. Okay?

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