It Struck Me as Funny

I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning and I’m having a slight round of insomnia. In my fog I decided to watch the classic Rob Reiner film The American President and a line that was delivered made me laugh as if I’d never heard it delivered before.

At the start of the movie, Michael J. Fox’s character gives Michael Douglas’ President Shepherd a hard time for skipping an entire paragraph in a speech he had written for him that he gave at a function the previous evening. In the speech, the president says something along the lines of, “We can no longer pretend we are living in a great society.” The problem is he never follows up with why we are not a great society.

Sometime later, the president’s press secretary returns to the Oval Office following the daily press briefing and says she did have to field a question about what the president meant in his speech when a reporter asked, “What the White House does consider a great society?” Her response was, “I can’t speak for the president, but for my money… Bermuda.”

You can’t speak for the president?! You’re the White House Press Secretary. It is exactly your job to speak for the president. You give daily press briefings so he doesn’t have to. You do nothing BUT speak for the president.

Sorry… I just thought that was kinda hilarious at 3:30 in the morning.


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