Rewatching Quantum Leap – Episode 37

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the quantum leap accelerator and vanished. He awoke to find himself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not his own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. His only guide on this journey is Al, an observer from his own time who appears in the form of a hologram that only Sam can see and hear. And so, Dr. Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

Miss Deep South

  • Sam finds himself on a bus and a woman who is apparently his mother needs to give him something before the bus takes off.
  • Sam is given a pair of clip-on earrings, a tiara, and a sash that reads “Miss Sugar Belle.”
  • Aww… Sam’s a beauty queen.
  • June 7, 1958
  • Sam arrives for the 35th annual Miss Deep South pageant and is greeted by a woman who tells her she’ll never win the pageant if she keeps walking like a man.
  • This woman offers to show Sam how to walk like a proper lady.
  • She introduces herself as Peg Myers, the pageant director, and Miss Deep South 1946.
  • Peg doesn’t have a lot of confidence in Sam’s walk, but tells her she has 24 hours to figure it out.
  • Sam catches his reflection, then runs into Miss Corn Muffin.
  • Okay, really Miss Corn Muffin is Connie and Sam is Darlene.
  • Connie recites a rehearsed speech about what an honor it would be to win Miss Deep South.
  • Then they’re interrupted by Clint Beaumont, the pageant photographer… seems like a sleazeball to me.
  • Al arrives just as Sam is sitting with all the other contestants while Peg gives instructions for the next couple of days.
  • Sam is clearly agitated and wants to know what he needs to fix so he can get out of there.
  • Unfortunately, his animated talking to someone no one else can see draws the attention of Peg, who has him stand up and tell the group of ladies what winning Miss Deep South would mean to him.
  • He catches a glimpse of Connie and can’t help but steal her speech… which obviously hurts Connie’s feelings.
  • They make up later as they discover that they’re roommates.
  • Connie is blown away when they get to their room and finds a TV, which she doesn’t have back at home.
  • When Sam asks her what she wants to do beyond pageants, she says she wants to be on TV… she wants to make it to Hollywood.
  • Connie then asks Sam about Clint Beaumont, the photographer… but she doesn’t give a reason.
  • Al returns just as Connie is changing, but Sam forces him into the bathroom.
  • Connie is why Sam is here… because something happens to cause her to disappear before the end of the pageant.
  • And she’s never seen again.
  • Sam has a terrible time trying to learn the choreography with the other women on stage.
  • Then they’re all sent back to their rooms for their pre-pageant interviews.
  • Al comes back and calls Sam, “Scarlet O’Hara on steroids.”
  • This is confusing though… saying that implies that he sees Sam in the dress.
  • But, in the past, it’s been made abundantly clear that Al sees the person that Sam has leapt into.
  • Example: Back in the 2nd season episode, “What Price Gloria,” Al has a difficult time because he’s attracted to the woman that Sam has taken the place of.
  • Anyway… as Sam gets ready to leave the stage, Connie says she’s headed off to meet up with Clint, who apparently has connections in Hollywood.
  • This Clint guy is feeding Connie exactly what she wants to hear… sleazeball.
  • Al says that in about a month, some photographs of Connie are going to show up in calendars that start appearing across the south.
  • And when that happens, Connie was so ashamed she couldn’t go home.
  • It’s clear that Clint is the one who is going to take those pictures, so Sam needs to stick close to Connie.
  • But Al points out that Sam still needs to come in third place in the pageant, too, because Darlene used her prize money to go on to college and become a doctor, apparently saving a lot of lives throughout her career.
  • Sam tries to warn Connie about the kind of guy that Clint is and she accuses Sam of being jealous.
  • Connie won’t listen to Sam because she’s so desperate to avoid copying her mother’s life and storms off.
  • Sam tries to chase after her, but Peg arrives to escort Sam down for his pre-pageant interview, which she points out is crucial if she wants to have any chance of winning this pageant.
  • So Sam is forced to sit through a bunch of sexist questions.
  • Sam is then forced to sign a purity contract, just to confirm that Darlene is still a virgin.
  • Elsewhere, in Clint’s room, he’s trying to convince Connie to do more and more that she is uncomfortable with in these pictures, eventually getting her out of her clothes.
  • He’s such an obvious sleazeball and she’s just naïve enough to go along with it because he’s convinced her that if she doesn’t, there are a hundred other girls out there who will.
  • But as she removes her dress, she’s near tears… all the while, Clint tells her he won’t shoot anything embarrassing and that she’s gonna be a star.
  • Backstage as Sam gets ready to practice the talent portion, dressed as Carmen Miranda, Al arrives to help him with the song and dance.
  • It’s kind of a disaster.
  • But Sam’s mind isn’t really on his talent for the pageant… he’s worried about Connie.
  • Sam returns to the room and finds Connie in the shower… in the fetal position… sobbing…
  • Back out in the room, she’s kicking herself over and over again, saying she felt so dirty and knows it was so stupid.
  • Connie thinks that maybe she can talk to him, get those pictures back by telling him she changed her mind.
  • Sam tells her she can’t run from her mistakes as long as Connie promises to stay and finish the pageant.
  • Peg drops by and says they missed Connie at the talent rehearsals and Sam explains that she hasn’t been feeling well, suggesting she stay in the room and rest until the pageant begins.
  • She agrees, but tells Sam to be at the pool in her swimsuit in 10 minutes for photos.
  • When it’s Sam’s turn to have his individual pictures taken, he gives Clint a hard time and confronts him about Connie.
  • Clint makes it clear he’s already gotten away with it… meaning he’s probably been doing this to girls for years.
  • Peg steps in as Sam is trying to get Clint’s bag full of film away from him, but she says whoever they find on that film will be disqualified.
  • Connie is ready to leave and Sam tries to stop her, saying that if any good comes from this, at least Clint Beaumont will be gone, too.
  • But Clint is in the lobby chatting up another pageant contestant, making it clear he’s here to stay.
  • Sam goes to confront Myers about kicking Connie out but letting Beaumont stay.
  • She makes excuses about not wanting to get rid of the photographer the day before the pageant, especially a photographer who has been with the pageant for years.
  • Sounds like a lot of victim shaming going on, while the abuser gets away with it and lives to do it all to some other innocent girl.
  • Then Sam asks Peg what if it was her… and the look on her face makes it clear that Clint did the same thing to her.
  • Peg, in tears, describes what happened to her, exactly the same way it happened to Connie.
  • Back in the lobby, Connie finds out that Clint still has the pictures because Peg gave them back to her.
  • She says she’ll do anything to get those pictures back… so he offers to have a drink with her in his room.
  • Al warns Sam that Clint took Connie to his room and beats the crap out of Clint… even hanging him out the window until he admits to where the film is hidden in the room.
  • Sam and Connie expose the film and Clint says, “There’s always next year.”
  • Then Peg walks in and says, “Not for you.”
  • She informs Connie that she’s back in the pageant.
  • Backstage again, just before the talent portion, Al says that Sam is in a solid 4th place.
  • And a poster for an upcoming performance by Jerry Lee Lewis inspires Sam to change his planned talent from Carmen Miranda to “Great Balls of Fire.”
  • This wins over the crowd and the judges.
  • As they announce the winners, Sam is disappointed that he wasn’t named second runner-up.
  • Or first runner-up.
  • Al says that Connie goes on to lead a good life.
  • And then Darlene is announced as the winner… Sam is Miss Deep South.
  • Darlene’s gonna be a doctor.
  • Sam looks so proud.
  • With tears in his eyes, he tells Al he wishes his little sister could be there to see this.
  • Then he leaps…
  • Into a pretty comfortable position and is greeted by the kiss of a pretty young woman.
  • Then a trio of black men approach, looking pretty unhappy with this situation.
  • Whether they were looking for a fight or not, Sam opens up with an impressive kick…
  • Oh boy.

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