Question of the Week #308

If you discovered that when you were conceived, you were one of five identical embryos and have four living identical twins, would you be more intrigued or distressed? Would you want to meet your siblings?

If this was a real world situation, I think I’d be feeling a little of both. They say everyone has a doppelganger out there. I met mine once when I was in college. This kid came to Bluefield during an open house weekend and I swear he looked just like me. Other people mentioned the resemblance, too. That kid looked like me… he walked like me… but he didn’t talk like me. His voice was way off. He must have figured it out when he heard me speak because I never saw him again after that. If he was planning to take over my life, he must have decided it wouldn’t have worked with that voice.

Anyway… to find out that I have four doppelgangers out there would be slightly disturbing. But it would also be an incredibly interesting observational experiment in nature vs. nurture. What kind of people are my identical twins? I mean, I know how I’ve turned out based on all of my experiences and how I was raised. But how would someone with my exact genetic makeup have turned out with different parents in a different part of the country… or a different part of the world?

I imagine that, eventually, the five of us would want to find each other. We would, of course, want to combine our powers and take over the galaxy. We would be unstoppable.

But what about you? If you discovered that there were four more of you out there, would you want to meet them? Let me know what you think down in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Question of the Week #308

  1. I have an older half sister that I only found out about 6 years ago that I’ve never met. I would love to meet her, but given the circumstances (my mom gave her up for adoption when she gave birth as a teenager) she may or may not know if she’s adopted or not and I couldn’t imagine being the one to break the news just out of my personal curiosity. I do often wonder about her though.

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