Chicken Sandwich Taco

It’s not often that I will take the time to talk about some flash-in-the-pan fast food item that probably won’t be on the menu next month. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve decided to do such a thing. But something bothers me about Taco Bell’s new Chicken Sandwich Taco.

I get that Taco Bell wants to jump on board whatever this chicken sandwich craze suddenly is. I mean, fast food joints have been doing chicken sandwiches, pretty much, forever. Obviously, some are better than others. My personal favorite is Chick-fil-A, but I’m not here to debate who has the best sandwich.

For whatever reason, the chicken sandwich war has become a hot topic in the US in the last couple of years. Popeye’s introduced their sandwich. McDonald’s had a new version a couple years before that. Pretty sure KFC revamped whatever their version of a chicken sandwich was.

Now Taco Bell has the Chicken Sandwich Taco.

I haven’t tried this thing. I have no desire to try it. If I’m getting chicken at Taco Bell it better be wrapped up in a dang quesadilla. My problem isn’t so much that the Chicken Sandwich Taco exists. My problem is with Taco Bell’s ad campaign promoting this food-like substance.

The whole tagline asks the question: “Is it a sandwich or is it a taco?”

One of the commercials I’ve seen takes on the form of a student debate where teams argue over the merits of the Chicken Sandwich Taco, trying to determine if it is a sandwich or a taco. The fact that it’s folded and has the shape of a taco is what should make it a taco. But since it uses bread instead of a tortilla should make it a sandwich. And then you get to the last guy who speaks.

He’s standing at the podium that indicates he is arguing in favor of this thing being a sandwich. But he says, “It’s called a sandwich taco, not a taco sandwich.”

I’m sorry, but that guy just lost the debate in my eyes. He did way more for the opposing viewpoint than he did for his own team. Let me logic this out for you…

Calling something a sandwich taco indicates, to me, that you have a taco with toppings or fillings that you would traditionally find in a sandwich. Calling it a taco sandwich tells me you have two slices of bread with traditional taco fillings in between them. By calling this thing a sandwich taco, you are flat out calling it a taco.

Think about other foods with descriptors in their names… Chocolate cake is cake with chocolate in or on it. Vanilla ice cream is ice cream with vanilla in it. Pepperoni pizza is pizza with pepperoni on it. Ergo the Chicken Sandwich Taco is a taco with chicken sandwich food items making it up.

Ultimately, I think Taco Bell should let their sister company, KFC, stick to the chicken sandwiches. Meanwhile, all this talk has kind of made me hungry for a good chicken sandwich. I wonder what the drive-thru line a Chick-fil-A looks like about now.

Who am I kidding… that line is always out to the street!

Feature Photo by William Moreland on Unsplash

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