Question of the Week #290

If you could have free, unlimited service for 5 years from an extremely good cook, chauffer, housekeeper, masseuse, or personal secretary, which would you choose?

Well… this is interesting.

I don’t have enough going on in my life to need a personal secretary that could keep track of all my appointments and make sure I am where I need to be at all times.

I’m uncomfortable being touched, so that eliminates the masseuse. I’ve had one legitimate massage and I hated every second of it.

I happen to enjoy driving, so I don’t need someone to drive me around.

And I’m not a bad cook, if I say so myself. So let’s cut that one from the list, too.

Housekeeper… yeah, let’s go with that. I hate vacuuming. I hate dusting. I hate cleaning the bathroom. I hate taking out the trash. If a housekeeper can take care of those four specific chores on a regular basis, I’ll go with that.

What service would you choose if you had the chance to get it free for five years? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.


4 thoughts on “Question of the Week #290

  1. Either a house keeper or a chauffeur for me! Probably the chauffeur. Cos while I dont mind driving, I do enjoy someone else driving for me LOL and parking for me etc etc

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