Question of the Week #262

You’re on an airplane talking pleasantly to a stranger of average appearance. Unexpectedly, the person offers you $30,000 for one night of sex. If you knew there were no danger and you’d get the money, would you do it? If the payment were meaningfully raised or lowered, at what point would you change your answer?

I mean… There’s an awful lot I could accomplish with an extra $30,000.

But, probably not. Also… this is not a realistic question. I look in the mirror and I am certain that no one would offer me $30,000 for a night of sex.

What about you? I know these are supposed to be thought provoking questions, but this one seems borderline inappropriate. Come on, Gregory Stock, Ph.D., do better. If you want to answer in the comments, feel free!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

9 thoughts on “Question of the Week #262

  1. I feel like this question was probably meant for the secular world. If I lived a secular life I’d probably do it? But what does “no danger” mean? Like this person isn’t going to slit your throat danger? Or like they are free of STD’s and no chance of getting pregnant danger? Women always have that extra level of “danger” cos a night of meaningless sex for a man is one thing but if it turns into possibly having to terminate a surprise pregnancy that’s a whole other can of ethical consideration.

    And also, can I say as a friend, don’t put yourself down?

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  2. To your “I am certain that no one would offer me $30,000 for a night of sex”, can I just say that everyone has got a type 😉
    Don’t ever disregard yourself if you don’t fit the stereotypical hot dude type 😊. That’s only in movies and socials

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