Question of the Week #261

If you were to die this evening with no opportunity to communicate with anyone, what would you most regret not having told someone? What good might come out of telling them now?

I know I don’t talk much. But when I do, it’s because I have something to say. Therefore, I don’t think there’s necessarily anything I need to say to anyone that they don’t already know. I know a lot of people will answer this question by saying they would tell their loved ones that they love them one more time. The people in my life with whom I’m closest know how much I love and appreciate having them in my life. I have no problem saying the things I’m thinking or feeling. Because I already know that life is short and there are no guarantees about seeing tomorrow.

But what about you? Is there anything that you’ve left unsaid that you would regret should this be your last night on earth? Let me know in the comments! Better yet, let the people you need to talk to know instead!

*The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, Ph.D.

6 thoughts on “Question of the Week #261

  1. There are certain people in my life who aren’t in any of my circles and family don’t know about either. So if I was to die suddenly, no one would know to contact them about me. They will forever wonder where I’ve gone.

    Also, family don’t know about my blog. So if I was to die now, then my followers would probably just think I’ve stopped writing for some reason.
    Maybe I gotta leave in a will or something, my log in details to WordPress and who else to contact!

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