My Favorite Posts from 2020

This is another one that’s pretty much become an annual tradition here at The Confusing Middle. The other day, I looked back at which posts from the year were the most viewed according to the WordPress analytics. Today, I’m pulling out the posts that I personally enjoyed writing the most.

I will say that there are some on the previous list that I would have happily included with today’s, but I didn’t want to be redundant. So, here are, in no particular order, my 20 favorite blog posts from 2020.

The Decades Project
This is the story all about how I was teamed up with a group of fellow students during our junior year of high school and basically wrote and produced a one act play about the 1960s. Might be one of about five things I actually liked about high school.

5 Sequels That Are Better Than the Originals
I made a list of five movie sequels that I thought were better than the original films. Sorry, was that not obvious from the title of the post?

Kill Baby Hitler?
I started thinking about this time honored philosophical question. I hope it doesn’t surprise anyone to find out I didn’t come down on the side of infanticide. Instead, I pondered the possibility of making a different change to history. One that could have avoided bloodshed altogether.

Who Builds These Things?
Again, asking the deep philosophical questions. But this time I got into the lack of safety standards found within the architecture you find throughout the Star Wars saga.

Your Next American Idol Is…
This the true story about how I tried out for the fifth season of American Idol just so I could have an unrealistic chance at meeting Carrie Underwood. I didn’t make it. I also didn’t meet Carrie.

Maybe Maleficent Got It Right
I can’t say I’m a fan of, really, any of Disney’s live-action remakes and Maleficent is no exception. But I used to complain about the moronic portrayal of the good fairies in that version… until I re-watched Sleeping Beauty and realized they weren’t far off.

Rosie’s Challenge
The first of the readers’ challenges in which you get a somewhat creepy story about a girl walking her mother’s dog and the abandoned middle school they come across.

Thank You Notes
During the pandemic, there has been no end to the front line workers who deserve our thanks. This was my attempt to simply say that very thing.

Teresa’s Challenge
Another challenge that resulted in the story of a little girl on her way to meet the father she’s never known.

10 Scenes That Will Make Me Cry Every Time
These are the ten scenes from TV shows and/or movies that will make me cry every time I see them. I did not make the spoiler alert obvious the first time around… so if you’re clicking back to see what scenes I’m talking about, beware of spoilers.

Paul’s Challenge
This challenge led to a story that got super creepy by the end of it. I mean… disturbingly creepy. I should probably list Stephen King among my influences.

Mastermixmovies’ Challenge
This challenge led to a story that’s a little sad. But it’s got time travel and a trip to Disneyland… so it’s not all sad.

Blankcanvas’ Challenge
This was the second challenge that had me set a story on a train. I did not connect this to the previous story I wrote that was set on a train. I went somewhere very different with this one. And the end gets pretty dark and twisted, as well.

A fit of nostalgia got me thinking about a mission trip I went on with my church youth group during the summer following my junior year of high school. Funny enough, that week-long trip helped me narrow down my decision for where I’d end up going to college.

A Certain Point of View
A friend of mine called me out on Twitter, asking for my opinion regarding the decisions that Disney has made since acquiring Lucasfilm and Star Wars. This is where I shared my certain point of view.

How to Tell if You’re Working for the Right Company
This is the true story about how, while I may not have the perfect job, I’m definitely working for the right people.

Favorite Video Game Franchises
Sometimes it’s just fun to geek out and think about what video games are still fun to play.

I took this Sunday Scribblings prompt and went with a short story that turned out kind of sad now that I think about it.

The Living Room
My grandparents’ house had that one room that the kids just weren’t allowed to go into. We could do whatever we wanted in the family room. But we dare not enter the Living Room.

Thank You, Alex Trebek
It’s fair to say we lost a great deal throughout 2020. For me and many others, losing Alex felt especially difficult.

So… Those are the posts. Do with them what you will. Personally, I hope you enjoy them. I had a blast writing them. And re-reading them over the last few days. I’m incredibly insightful. And hilarious. But you already knew that! See you tomorrow, kids!


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