This week, our Sunday Scribblings prompt is Carnival. If you decide to write a post based on this week’s prompt, be sure to go back here and share your link so everyone can see how you interpreted things! Here’s what I did with it…

“I’m not going,” said Rachel as she dropped down to the sofa and propped her feet up on the coffee table.

Her roommate, Stephanie, rolled her eyes and made a noise that let Rachel know she was fed up with her attitude. “Why not?”

“You know I don’t like clowns!”

“It’s a carnival! Not a circus!” cried Steph, trying to convince Rachel that her fear of clowns was a weak excuse.

“They’ve been shutting down the circuses. Where does that leave the unemployed clowns? Birthday parties and carnivals,” said Rachel, picking up a magazine and metaphorically digging in her heels.

“We can split a funnel cake!”

That was tempting for Rachel. She did enjoy a good funnel cake. But she knew that Stephanie’s real reason for wanting to go was because Bobby was supposed to be there.

Bobby sat a couple of rows ahead of Stephanie in her philosophy class. Rachel knew that her roommate had a crush on this guy all semester. Steph didn’t care about the rides or the games or even the deep fried carnival snacks. She just wanted a wingman when she talked to a cute boy.

Stephanie just refused to say as much out loud.

“Fine,” said Rachel, standing back up and feeling frustrated. “But you’re buying my ticket.

Stephanie squealed in excitement.

“And the funnel cake!” shouted Rachel over Stephanie’s high-pitched scream.

The drive to the fairgrounds took only about 15 minutes. As soon as they were admitted into the carnival, Stephanie had her phone out. Rachel could only assume she was texting Bobby to see where he was.

“Carousel,” said Stephanie, pointing to the classic ride in the center of the fairgrounds.

They soon spotted Bobby who waved and gave the girls a nod. Rachel noticed that Bobby wasn’t alone. Great… a double date, she thought.

This was not what she signed up for, though it wasn’t completely unexpected. She recognized the guy as Travis Maxwell, whom she had seen on campus a few times, but never held a conversation with.

Rachel was polite enough while introductions were made and made no protest when Travis suggested they all ride the carousel. The ride was fun and Rachel couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic, remembering what it was like to go to the fair with her parents.

Once the ride was over, Bobby and Stephanie wanted to take a walk. Alone.

Rachel crossed her arms and Travis immediately noticed her closed off body language. “You got roped into something you didn’t want to do, didn’t you?”

“How could you tell?” she asked, zero amusement in her voice.

Travis shrugged his shoulders. “Well, except for about half a second on the carousel back there, you’ve seemed pretty miserable since you got here.”

“And that other half second?”

“Looked like you were almost in danger of enjoying yourself.”

Rachel cracked a smile. “I used to love riding the carousel when I was little.”

Travis looked at Rachel thoughtfully for a moment. “You’re a good friend,” he told her.

“How do you know that? You don’t even know me,” said Rachel, dropping her arms to her side and dropping her guard a little.

“I can only assume,” he said, “If you weren’t a good friend, you wouldn’t have agreed to come out with your roommate to a place you clearly don’t want to be.”

“She really likes Bobby.”

“He likes her, too, if that helps,” Travis said, wearing a goofy grin that made Rachel smile again. She was starting to think this guy was a hopeless romantic at heart. “Since you don’t want to be here, can I at least buy you a funnel cake and make it up to you?”

“I’ll allow it,” she said, moving with him as they walked toward the kiosk selling deep fried dough.

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Feature Photo by CHUHAN Z. on Unsplash


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