Results: The Television Theme Song Tournament of Champions

About a month ago, I wrote this post about how I was curious to know what TV theme song would be the best theme song of all time.

The way I saw it, there have been a lot of really great theme songs over the years. Some that come to mind (at least for me) are The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Family Ties, and The Golden Girls, to name just a few.

To start with, I put together a bracket with the standard four quadrants, each representing a different grouping of shows: Sitcoms (1950s-1970s), Dramas, Kids’ Shows, and Sitcoms (1980s-Present). Originally, the plan was to set it up just like the NCAA Tournament, beginning with 64 total entries.

But as I came up with shows to include, it became clear that it was impossible to narrow it down to only 16 shows per category. It turned out, even expanding the bracket to 32 per category, I still managed to leave out some classic TV show theme songs (Who’s the Boss?, Captain Planet, etc.).

I did the best I could… all right?

Anyway, from there, I took the decision making to Twitter, where I gave folks a chance to vote for which songs they wanted to advance to the next round. It took about two weeks to whittle it down from 128 shows to a final showdown for the title of best TV theme song ever.

The winner? Saved by the Bell

I know, I didn’t see that coming either. I also could never have predicted The Walking Dead would be the show that Saved by the Bell was up against for the final.

Needless to say, things did not turn out at all how I expected.

Part of the issue, if I may complain for a moment, is that I only had a handful of people voting throughout the tournament. In all of those match ups, there were never more than six votes cast on Twitter. And while I certainly appreciate the participation of these faithful few, I think a larger sampling of public opinion would have drastically changed the outcome of many of the results, especially in the earlier rounds.

So it turns out I’m just not popular enough on Twitter to draw a lot of interest for this kind of endeavor. Which is fine. I tried a thing and it didn’t so much work out. I now know to stay in my lane… whatever that is.

Here’s the final results bracket, in case you were wondering how everything advanced. Let me know what you think or how things could have been done differently in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Results: The Television Theme Song Tournament of Champions

  1. I think this is a great idea and woohoo for you for taking the time to put it together. Unfortunately I don’t know any of the songs to shows except for a very small few so I didn’t participate lol but don’t let the small voter turn out discourage you! Well done!

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