Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 4

Previously on BIG BROTHER

Keesha and Kevin are nominated for eviction. Enzo won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it to save either of them. Tonight is a live episode, so one of them will be evicted.

A lot of time passes inside the house between the Veto Ceremony and the live episode on Thursdays (even though we only saw the ceremony last night). So who knows what kind of social game Keesha or Kevin have been playing.

My prediction is that Keesha’s going home… but maybe there’s a surprise. Probably not, though.

  • Why do they keep trying to make #ButFirst a thing?
  • For years… every time there’s a live episode, they flash that hashtag on the screen to get people tweeting about it, just because it’s something Julie Chen says to introduce the video that’s been put together to show us what’s happened in the last few days.
  • Janelle seems to be able to take off that All-Star Mascot costume fairly liberally.
  • I think she should have to wear the entire thing at all times, even when sleeping.
  • It’s a lame punishment as it is… make it as hard as possible.
  • Cody and Memphis have come up with an official name for their alliance: The Commission.
  • Not exactly memorable.
  • Tyler and Bayleigh bury the hatchet after having beef back when they were in the house together the first time.
  • But they don’t mind letting the rest of the house believe they don’t get along at this point… maybe that can help them both advance.
  • Kevin and Nicole A. now have a final two in place.
  • So many final two agreements… not sure they all line up.
  • Memphis is ready to put together a six person alliance on the down low including Tyler, Dani, Christmas, and Nicole F. along with Cody.
  • Now Da’Vonne is trying to put together a four person alliance with Cody that would include Enzo and Bayleigh.
  • Cody, dude, putting yourself in two different alliances will come back to bite you.
  • Considering who to evict, Christmas says there’s logic in saving Keesha because she will be easier to beat in the long run.
  • Back to live action…
  • Each nominee is given a chance to plead their case before the others cast their votes.
  • It’s usually “blah blah blah… do what’s best for your game… blah blah blah…”
  • Head of Household does not vote… neither do the nominees.
  • I hate when they cut to commercial in the middle of voting.
  • I mean, I hate commercials in general… which is why I’ve been watching streaming services exclusively for the last few months.
  • But then Big Brother returns and I just have to watch it live.
  • Moron…
  • I think during the next live show I’m gonna keep a stopwatch going to see how much time is actually given to ads.
  • I’d swear this current mid-vote ad break has already been going on for a good five minutes.
  • After four votes, I say my prediction is still happening.
  • It’s looking like it’ll be unanimous with Keesha going home first.
  • BTW… another annoying habit that houseguests have gotten into during the last few years is the tendency to say hi to people at home after casting their votes.
  • They used to just go in, vote, then leave.
  • That’s how it should be.
  • The live feeds are there 24/7… houseguests have plenty of opportunities to say hi to the people back home.
  • On the live show, I don’t care if it’s your grandpa’s birthday!
  • And yes, it’s 13-0 and Keesha is evicted.
  • Entirely predictable.
  • No big moves were even attempted this week.
  • Will it even be worth watching this whole season?
  • I want shake ups.
  • I wants twists.
  • If this game stays predictable, I’m gonna quit before it’s over.
  • I say that… but I’m sure I’ll still tune in three nights a week…
  • Up next is the Head of Household Competition.
  • As outgoing HOH, Cody cannot compete.
  • It’s competition testing memory after the houseguests are shown videos.
  • The video, I wanna say, is stupid.
  • The second video is just as bad.
  • I’m angry and I don’t want to watch this competition anymore.
  • I just want to know who wins and move on with my life.
  • Thankfully, we don’t need to see a third stupid video because Memphis wins just in time to save us all from such a fate.
  • Which means that he and Cody are still controlling the house for another week.
  • Julie promises a sneak peek at this week’s Safety Suite competition.
  • But I don’t really care about that until they show the real thing on Sunday.

What do you guys think about Big Brother so far this year? Think I should keep on keeping up with this thing? I really am gonna be disappointed if each week is redundantly predictable. Anyone wanna bet that Memphis decides to target Kaysar and Janelle since neither of them are eligible for the Safety Suite anymore?


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