Big Brother All-Stars – Episode 3

Previously on BIG BROTHER

Cody is the first Head of Household of the season and doesn’t seem to have much of a clue what he’s doing. He doesn’t have much of a strategy for who he’s decided to nominate for eviction. His first plan was to put up Kaysar and Janelle, citing the two of them as old school threats from the last All-Star season way back when. But since Kaysar won this week’s Safety Suite competition and chose to bring Janelle along with him, they are officially off Cody’s radar, much to his disappointment. So Cody went with nominating Kevin and Keesha for eviction. His reasoning? He just doesn’t know them very well. Good call…

As I’ve said before, I don’t really pay attention to the live feeds, so even though a lot has happened in the house this week (I guess), I have no idea what to expect going into tonight’s episode.

The way it works is… The Head of Household competition takes place on Thursday each week, during the live episodes. I’m guessing that the Safety Suite competitions are happening on Fridays. Then the Nomination Ceremony happens on Saturday. After that, the Veto Competition happens on Sunday (I think). Anyone out there who’s keeping up with the live feeds, feel free to clue me in on how wrong I am about the weekly schedule.

Also, for those not in the know, the Veto Competition is for the Power of Veto. The winner of this competition has the power to veto one of the HOH’s nominees. The holder of the Power of Veto can choose to use it or not, completely up to them and their strategy moving forward in the game. They generally have to decide if it’s better for their game to use the veto and force the HOH to nominate someone else or to keep nominations the same and not rock the boat.

Anyway, tonight’s episode will feature the veto competition and the ceremony showing the winner’s decision to use it or not. So let’s get into it…

  • Kevin goes to see Cody… Keesha doesn’t.
  • At least, if she does, it’s not shown.
  • Janelle feels bad for Keesha, but tells Kaysar that the two of them should probably keep a low profile for the rest of the week.
  • Okay… Keesha does go to see Cody, and he feeds her a lot of non-committal crap… but he’s telling us in the Diary Room that he’d rather see her go home than Kevin.
  • Off topic: Does Nicole A. have lenses in her glasses? They sure look like empty frames.
  • Tyler gets a montage of all the alliances and final two deals he’s apparently making with most of the house.
  • Enzo visits Cody and he lets us know that, in his head, they are a final two… But Cody’s got a final two with Nicole F.
  • So where does his loyalty really lie?
  • Okay… I saw he reflection in the lenses of Nicole A.’s glasses.
  • Doesn’t answer the question of whether they’re real.
  • She has so many different frames!
  • Ian talks to some of the houseguests about being on the autism spectrum.
  • Well, now I feel kind of bad about not liking Ian and considering him kinda sketchy…
  • ‘Cause if I’d been HOH this week, he’d have been my target.
  • First of all… he’s won this game before.
  • Second… if memory serves, his gameplay was kinda shady.
  • But that’s just my opinion, do with it what you will.
  • Kevin’s trying to work out some kind of deal with Enzo and Ian when it comes to Power of Veto, in case one of them are chosen to play.
  • In choosing players for the Veto Competition, six people participate.
  • Automatically, the HOH and the two nominees play for the veto.
  • The other three chosen are Tyler, Enzo (Kevin’s Houseguest Choice), and Ian.
  • The winner of this competition is also safe for the week, as is the person they decide to pull off the block, should they decide to use the power.
  • This competition is super complicated… They have to rock a giant banana back and forth to put time on a clock, then stack produce on a precarious stand, then hit a buzzer when they think they have enough stacked to win.
  • If the timer hits zero before they push the button, the game ends and their score is zero.
  • They can keep going back to the banana to put more time on the clock, but they have to do that before the timer hits zero.
  • Seems like the kind of thing that could take a long time and require a great deal of patience.
  • Da’Vonne acts as host for this competition and announces when they have 15 minutes left… then 10… and no one has locked anything in.
  • Cody times out first… then Ian…
  • Enzo locks in with 18.
  • Kevin times out before he can lock in a score of 19.
  • Keesha and Tyler keep going until ultimate time runs out, so Enzo wins the Power of Veto.
  • Will he use it on one of the nominees?
  • He’s in Cody’s pocket, so he’s gonna do whatever Cody wants him to do.
  • Ian and Nicole F. apparently have a final two deal going.
  • But what about Cody?
  • Oh… Nicole’s top allegiance is to Cody.
  • These are the only two people in the house who have won before.
  • They should be the first ones out!
  • Whatever…
  • Cody’s considering the possibility of having Enzo pull Kevin off the block.
  • But that’s because Kevin’s making promises that he can’t guarantee he can keep when and if the time comes.
  • I’m reminded of a line from Top Gun: “Your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!”
  • Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have decided to make a final two deal.
  • Enzo sees Nicole F. and Ian whispering in the bathroom then runs up to tattle on them to Cody.
  • Cody says it might be a good idea for Enzo to use the veto, then put Ian up as a replacement nominee.
  • But here’s the thing with Big Brother
  • People like to say crap like that in the Diary Room, but then when it comes down to delivering on making these “big moves” in the game, they don’t do it.
  • It would be so beneficial to everyone’s game, to eliminate Ian early.
  • But they won’t do it.
  • I’m guessing…
  • At this point in the episode, the veto ceremony hasn’t happened yet.
  • If I’m placing bets, I’d say Enzo won’t use it and Keesha will go home tomorrow night.
  • Sure enough… Enzo does not use the veto.

Tomorrow is the live episode with the first eviction of the season. Like I said, I predict Keesha will be the one leaving. Which is a bummer. I liked her in her first season. I’d have liked to have seen how far she could have gone this time. Guess not very far…


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