We Are the World

This is actually a post I meant to write a long time ago.

Back before I transitioned into one of the work from home masses, I was still driving around with my clients and listening to the radio. At that time, around mid-March, we were still on the cusp of understanding just how serious the COVID-19 pandemic was becoming. Or we were just starting to take it seriously?

Feels like making a claim about how serious we are or are not taking the pandemic is a politically charged statement and I just don’t feel like getting into something political right now.

Anyway, one of the stations I typically have turned on played the 1985 classic, “We Are the World.” And the DJ mentioned that Lionel Richie, who co-wrote the song with Michael Jackson, had suggested the possibility of re-recording the song as a means of raising funds for global aid efforts in light of the pandemic.

I didn’t realize it, but this would be the third recording of the song, following a 2010 version that was done to support survivors of the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti in January of that year.

I haven’t been listening to the radio since I’ve become a hermit, but it doesn’t seem as if a “We Are the World” remake has happened yet. I’d be interested to see how that turns out, should it happen. I imagine it would be a difficult undertaking these days…

Back in 1985, they threw 42 of America’s most popular singers into a recording studio and let them go at it. Today, people aren’t allowed to gather in groups larger than 10. Even that’s frowned upon. I’m not saying it couldn’t be done. I just think the Zoom recording session could be problematic. What if Lady Gaga’s internet goes out? What if Blake Shelton doesn’t get the right link? So many variables.

Also… I don’t really pay much attention to modern music. So there’s a very good chance I wouldn’t know too many of the current artists that would be asked to participate. I mean, I’ve probably heard of most of the artists would be invited to sing along, but I certainly wouldn’t be the guy who puts together that list of soloists.

So I’m leaving that to you. Who would you want to see included in a new version of “We Are the World”? Let me know what you think down in the comments!

Feature Photo by Ben White on Unsplash


2 thoughts on “We Are the World

  1. Anyone I would pick has probably died of old age by now. And even f they hadn’t, no one under the age of 50 would know who they are anyway. Also, I pretty much stopped listening to modern music after the mid-90s, so I wouldn’t recognize anyone chosen anyway.

    But other than that, I think it’s a great idea!

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  2. I wouldn’t pick anyone. I prefer listening to the old version. Just like you, I would probably not know too many artists, and I wouldn’t want to see them twerking on my screen anyway. ☺

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