A to Z Challenge – X-Men – Animated Series

You’ll notice this is a slightly different format than the rest of my posts from this month. And that’s because, at the last minute, I’ve decided not to post about a movie. I was gonna fudge it and watch X2: X-Men United even though it’s nowhere to be found on Disney+. I’m confident it will be at some point, due to the 20th Century Fox buyout. But, as of now, it isn’t.

What is available on Disney+, however, is the old X-Men animated series that aired on Fox back in the ’90s. So I hope you’ll all be all right with a couple episodes from that classic series instead of a full movie. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)

  • How classic is the intro to this show?
  • And that music?!
  • No words, but I dare anyone who wasn’t of a certain age in 1992 not to start humming along.
  • I was a DC Comics kid, so I was completely unfamiliar with the X-Men until this cartoon came along.
  • Outside of Spider-Man, I only had a vague awareness of Marvel’s characters at this point in my childhood.
  • Anyway…
  • News reports show Sabretooth on a rampage in the city.
  • Jubilee’s parents argue about registering her with the Mutant Control Agency.
  • She sneaks out and goes to the arcade while an enormous Sentinel tries to violently abduct her from her room.
  • Jubilee faces hate from a mutant hating arcade manager and as she runs away, she runs into Rogue and Storm.
  • The Sentinel tracks Jubilee to the mall and tells people not to be alarmed, but is really reckless with the destruction of property.
  • Storm, Rogue, and even Gambit help Jubilee fight the Sentinel.
  • Cyclops is outside and catches Jubilee just as she’s knocked out by some kind of sleeping gas from the robot.
  • Then he zaps the Sentinel and takes Jubilee back to the mansion.
  • She wakes up disoriented and wanders around, alarmed when she witnesses Beast working in his lab.
  • Eventually, she comes across Wolverine and Gambit sparring in the war room and blasts Wolverine, thinking Gambit is in danger.
  • Storm takes Jubilee aside and explains the existence of the X-Men and their purpose, along with the purpose of Xavier School for Gifted Children.
  • Jubilee sneaks out of the mansion while Professor X briefs the team on how the Sentinels knew to try and abduct her.
  • She wants to make sure her foster parents are okay.
  • But she’s captured by waiting Sentinels.
  • When it’s discovered that Jubilee is gone from the mansion, Wolverine decides to go after her.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the team goes to the Mutant Control Agency building.
  • Wolverine shows up at Mutant Control to join the team when Jubilee’s trail went cold at her home.
  • Turns out, the X-Men are walking into a trap.

Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)

  • Wolverine can smell the guards in the next room, waiting for the X-Men.
  • Storm blows the door in, taking care of the trap.
  • Morph is able to transform into a commanding officer, ordering other soldiers to get to the briefing room.
  • The team’s plan is to destroy all the files the Mutant Control Agency has on registered mutants.
  • Meanwhile, Jubilee is being held somewhere in Detroit, where she’s interrogated by a man named Gyrich.
  • He wants info on the X-Men.
  • Bolivar Trask, the inventor of the Sentinels, is not happy about a mutant being brought to his facility.
  • As the X-Men try to escape the agency building, they face a trio of Sentinels.
  • Morph is shot and killed while Beast is knocked out and captured.
  • As more and more Sentinels arrive, Cyclops makes the call to retreat, leaving Morph and Beast behind.
  • Wolverine refuses to follow that order, but Rogue removes a glove and takes just enough of his energy to force him on the Blackbird.
  • After everything that goes down at the Mutant Control Agency, the president orders Gyrich to shut everything down.
  • Cyclops and Wolverine go to Jubilee’s parents, knowing that the Sentinel will likely come for them.
  • When Cyclops damages the Sentinel, they follow it back to its base of operations.
  • The damaged Sentinel crashes into the base and damages the power supply, allowing Jubilee to escape.
  • The X-Men show up and rescue Jubilee.
  • Jubilee says good-bye to her foster parents, on good terms, and moves in at Xavier’s school.
  • Uh… what about Beast?
  • He’s still being held by the Mutant Control Agency…
  • But that’s where the episode ends.
  • I’d recommend this show for anyone feeling nostalgic for the ’90s.
  • Much like Batman: The Animated Series, this one still holds up today.

A to Z Challenge - XThanks for stopping in while I participate in this year’s A to Z Challenge. We’re in the home stretch now, with only two Disney movies to go. So you’re welcome to come back for more if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Tomorrow’s Disney movie begins with a Y and is a live action film I’ve never seen before. I’m not sure it’s one I would typically be interested in seeing, but since it’s the only movie beginning with Y on the streaming service, I don’t really see any way around it. The only reason I fudged on X is because there were literally no options for that one. One is better than nothing, right? Anyway, I’m assuming tomorrow’s movie is loosely based on a classic book, though I can’t say that for sure, having never read the book in question. These really aren’t good clues for what I’ll be watching… so… you’ll just have to come back tomorrow to see what the movie is!


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