A to Z Challenge – WALL-E

WALL-E - Poster 2WALL-E


Directed by Andrew Stanton

Quick synopsis… After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, the curious and lovable robot WALL-E discovers a new purpose in life when he meets a sleek robot named EVE. Join them and a hilarious cast of characters on a journey across the universe.

  • Did Pixar’s animator’s intentionally borrow heavily from the look of Number 5 from Short Circuit?
  • Welcome to earth.
  • It’s sometime in the 29th century and the planet is one big junk pile.
  • There is literally trash everywhere and it seems to be WALL-E’s job to gather the trash and compact it all into cubes.
  • I guess he’s the only one doing the job anymore after all these years.
  • Because it’s just him (I assume this robot is male) and his pet cockroach.
  • As WALL-E heads home at the end of his work day, he passes by some automatic advertisements that let the audience know what happened to humanity.
  • Since the world had gotten so trashy, the Buy-N-Large corporation sent all the people into space on the Axiom.
  • The idea was that, while all the people were on their temporary space cruise, WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load-Lifter: Earth Class) and all the units like him would clean up the planet so it would be habitable again once humans returned.
  • But, as mentioned above, WALL-E sure seems alone in his work.
  • By the way, I’m not sure I buy all the smog that seems to encapsulate the globe at this point.
  • Thanks to COVID-19 and our recent international lock down, we’ve seen that air pollution has significantly decreased after only a few weeks of people not driving around as much as normal.
  • Unless all that information is fake… I’m sure they can fake satellite imagery and skyline pictures.
  • But they sure look convincing if they’re not real.
  • Anyway… if that is the case, I’m sure that, by the 29th century, earth’s air quality wouldn’t be nearly as bad as WALL-E has it depicted.
  • WALL-E is a curious robot and, while going about his duties, tends to collect items he finds fascinating.
  • He and the Little Mermaid would get along great.
  • WALL-E comes across a tiny plant, which is unlike anything he’s ever seen before.
  • Coincidentally, he then encounters a far more advanced robot that arrives from space: EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator).
  • For WALL-E, it’s love at first sight.
  • EVE takes some convincing… she’s kind of a shoot first, ask questions later kind of robot.
  • EVE is extremely powerful and seems pretty temperamental, but WALL-E slowly wins her over.
  • He saves her by bringing her to his home during a severe dust storm, and then shows her all the curious things he’s collected over the years.
  • When WALL-E shows her the tiny plant he’s found, she scans it and her directive takes over.
  • She collects the plant and shuts down, waiting for her ride to come back and pick her up.
  • When the ship that dropped EVE off finally returns, WALL-E hitches a ride.
  • Arriving at the Axiom, EVE is identified as special, compared to the other EVE units, and is taken away.
  • WALL-E tries to follow, but gets sidetracked when he discovers what’s become of humans.
  • We’re all fat and lazy, floating around in hover chairs 24/7.
  • WALL-E manages to follow EVE to the bridge where AUTO (the ship’s AI automatic pilot) scans her to find she’s returned with a positive scan.
  • With this positive scan, the captain is shown a video explaining that it’s now time to go back home.
  • Once EVE realizes that WALL-E is there, she kind of panics.
  • And then when she’s opened up to reveal the plant isn’t in her storage anymore, she assumes WALL-E has done something with it.
  • The captain assumes that EVE is defective, so has her sent for repairs.
  • WALL-E interferes with this and it’s kind of disastrous for a minute, and EVE is kind of pissed.
  • So she decides to stick him in a pod that will take him back to earth.
  • But then they witness another robot placing the plant in a pod, ejecting it into space.
  • WALL-E goes in to retrieve the plant for EVE, but then the pod takes off.
  • EVE launches herself into space to follow, but WALL-E quickly discovers that the pod is set to self-destruct.
  • But WALL-E saves the plant, so he and EVE kiss and make up.
  • EVE returns the plant to the captain, who decides they have to go back to earth.
  • Turns out, AUTO has his own secret directive that is meant to prevent humans from returning to earth.
  • AUTO sends EVE and WALL-E to be trashed and ejected into space, but not before frying WALL-E’s circuits, seriously damaging him.
  • EVE saves WALL-E and the captain is able to regain control from AUTO.
  • When the Axiom finally returns to earth, EVE is able to repair WALL-E with the spare parts from his hideout.
  • But he’s not the same…
  • His personality is gone… just the robot with a directive to clean up the trash.
  • It takes some work, but EVE is able to remind WALL-E who he is.
  • It’s a nice moment and a happy ending.
  • Oh, and humans manage to bring life back to the planet.

A to Z Challenge - WThanks for stopping in while I participate in this year’s A to Z Challenge. We’re in the home stretch now, with only a few Disney movies to go. So you’re welcome to come back for more if that’s the kind of thing you’re into.

Tomorrow’s Disney movie begins with a X and is actually not a Disney movie. Because there are no Disney movies that begin with an X. My rule for this thing was that each of the movies I watched for this month’s challenge was that they would all be found on Disney+. Nothing available on that streaming service beginning with an X. At least, not any movies… However, I feel like I can safely fudge this one by watching something that was made by recent Disney acquisition, 20th Century Fox. Because I feel like I can safely predict that many of the movies from the franchise in question will eventually be made available on Disney+. Any guesses?


4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – WALL-E

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  2. Great movie. I’m stopping by from the link from “T” at No Love For Fatties for the Sunday Scribblings, kind of round about, I know. I did the A to Z Challenge as well and I’m sorry I missed seeing your blog then. I’ll have to go through and check it out. Also may try hopping on the Sunday Scribblings. Sounds fun and I’m always looking for new challenges. Have a great day! Janet

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    • Hey Janet! Thanks for coming by to check things out! Definitely come back for Sunday Scribblings this week. I’m hoping that it’ll be a fun way for bloggers to connect with one another. It’s always interesting how people respond differently to a prompt. I look forward to going back and checking out your A to Z Challenge!

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